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One more misleading article

I have sent off angry emails yet again to another Author and Editor of an article that was published where Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome was confused with Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. I know that part of being a doctor is to try … Continue reading

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Emotional October

I haven’t posted in a while, I’m sorry. A lot of it has to do with I don’t know what to say. Then I sit down and the words just trip over themselves to get out and the posts make … Continue reading

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I hate the Emergency room. HATE IT ! I find every way I can to avoid it. This week I wasn’t so lucky. I was and have been sick for a few months. I say a few months because I … Continue reading

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Falling between the Cracks

I said I would post an explanation of my prolonged absence, and here it is. My very own adventure.. BTW Don’t ask about the dealing with the school during this.  It was November 8th 2012, and I was once again … Continue reading

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