Who Should Pay for Pain medication addiction?

I’m pretty sure that every one pays for addiction in one way or another. But I came across a news story yesterday that upset me. I wish I could find it again  so I could share it. The story was about the cost of the pain medication going up to offset the cost of paying for the addicted users rehabilitation. This is beyond frustrating to me.

First, it is extremely difficult to GET pain medication when you need it that I don’t know how people can get the medication to begin with. I live in constant pain. Everyday. I was given 2 weeks of pain meds for my foot surgery 2 years ago and have lived in constant pain since then. I was offered a nerve medication that I was, of course, allergic to. But, there are no other options for helping me. Constant pain. That has now radiated up to my hip from my foot. EVERY DAY! There are nights I can’t sleep because the pain is so bad that there is nothing I can do to reduce it.But, there is nothing that can be done.

So HOW is it that there are people that are given enough to get addicted? WHO is giving them that? Becasue of HOW much pain I am in.. and I can’t get it. There has to be someone else involved. Or maybe I just tend to not rely on meds and do what I can to relieve the pain. Ice or heat.

I went to the ER in so much pain… that I WENT to the ER..(whichi if you know me.. you know I don’t do easily) Did I get Pain meds for my Pain?? No.

So where is the addiction starting? And who is helping them STAY there?

Why should some one who has to have surgery, or who has a chronic condition that requires pain meds be the ones that have to support the increase in the price of the medication because along the lines someone got addicted? I realize that, that could be part of the problem. People with chronic conditions are most likely the one getting addicted. But after  having lived with constant daily excruciating pain myself, I can see why. I would love for this pain to go away.

But, at what cost. Most chronic conditions are already very costly. This could be what breaks a lot of people.

When you are contemplating something like this, remember that Cancer is a Chronic condition.If you have had some one you love suffer through that, you know that the pain meds ease their pain when things get bad.  The pain meds, you are wanting to increase the price of, means that the little kid with a painful chronic condition may have to live with and struggle through that pain if his family can’t afford the medication.

It’s not just addicts that will suffer if the price is increased to pay for Rehabilitation. I think this decision needs to be evaluated. But, brings me back to .. I need to find the story.. 🙂

Rambling thoughts today.. How about you??

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