Discover Challenge: Superpower

via Discover Challenge: Superpower

What’s My Superpower?

I’m a Mom. Not any ordinary mom. I’m the mom of a chronically ill person. A Mom who also likes a lot of DIY. 🙂

Does having a superpower mean I can leap giant loads of laundry in a single bound? Or that the levels of multi-tasking I can preform are yet still undiscovered by Mankind?

Pretty much (smirk). 

When you have 100 DIY projects going.. all the time.. you have to learn to multi-task. Or you never get anything done. Plus, when you’re a mom.. any mom or caregiver really, you hear those choking, gagging gurgling noises that proceed any type of Vomiting, you can leap anything in a single bound. Not just giant loads of laundry. 

But, my super mom powers were developed and honed from years of handling, researching and coping with my son’s chronic illness, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. 

Now I use my powers for good. I have been advocating, supporting and helping others with my “spare” time. Powers like mine could be used for evil.. But I chose to use mine for good. 

I think that having conditions or situations like ours teach us things we can share with others. 

It is a wonderful new adventure for me.

 How about you? What is your superpower? 

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