Moms like me

I’m crazy.

In case you haven’t read my blog title, or figured it out by reading about my exploits. I’m unhinged and a little more off kilter than the average mom:).  And I completely embrace that. It’s what makes me who I am.

What, also, makes me who and what I am is being the mom of a Chronically ill person, as well as, maintaining several chronic conditions of my own. Again, if you haven’t read about our medical maneuverings the last few years.

I have been spending a good deal of time with more Mom’s like me. I have been working on peer support calls, spending more time on the message boards and Facebook pages of  support groups.

I contacted a local hospital and have started talks with them to work with increasing peer support at the hospital level.

The hospital put me in touch with a support group that has parents that are familiar with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Most have autoimmune conditions, Crohns and Colitis but really any thing that affects your GI tract.

I went to their group meeting last night.

It was.. Refreshing, validating, comforting, Fun..

They were moms that you could tell needed.. “Mom time.” What do they do with their “mom time”? They help other mom’s. They get together to support one another through common issues. Navigating medical obstacles, doctor suggestions, insurance changes and challenges.

It is weird to say refreshing, but I will admit that it was. Because you always feel so alone in dealing with stuff like that. That you are the only one having these issues. When you’re not. But, it REALLY feels like it. When you talk to other people you get pity for what you deal with.. not people who actually experience it. These mom’s have experienced the SAME THING!!

That is very comforting. Knowing that you’re not alone in dealing with this. Even though I have talked with people on the phone, or message boards, or Facebook. SEEing and MEETing people that have fought the same fight, know what you deal with, and have empathy, NOT pity, was a huge comfort. I felt at home.

I don’t have to explain to these moms. They understand. They could joke about the nasty stuff that we do. Becasue you can’t take life, like this, serious all the time.

So, I apologize for being out of touch for so long. But I have been out trying to single-handedly save the world, by sharing the information that I have learned through our Chronic Journey and I am enjoying the adventure.


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