Hospital Mom Syndrome

I had meant to keep you more apprised of our progress as we went through our treatment. But, good intentions fall by the wayside when you’re in”. Your kids attention and focus requires a bit more of yours.

Day One:

Day one was our new day two this time. We usually have issues, big ones, with the migraines making a violent appearance on Day two.. but this time, it Showed up on Day one. We went into “shutdown mode.” Shutdown mode is when Chewy tries to beat the migraine by going to sleep before it take him out in a more violent, destructive way. He literally shuts down. Hard to do on the first inpatient day in the hospital. Everyone comes and goes, monitoring, checking in, asking questions or telling you the “plan”.

We also had more visitors than normal, because the in room cabinet that locks for your belongings was malfunctioning. That required 4 calls to security to come address.. they called for a work order to repair the lock.

Day Two:

Being that we had our typical Day two struggles on Day one. We laid in wait to see if they would show up any way. It was nice to be surprised that they did not.

The hospital, however, had plenty for us to do that day. Buster Posey from the San Francisco Giants was visiting the kids for a Q&A, signing autographs and just hanging out. The super hero window washers were cleaning windows inside and out of the hospital.

Thor visited our room. He did have to put his hammer down to was the window.

The cabinet still didn’t get fixed. Then due to a leak in a pipe in the building, the entire water supply had to be turned off. For 5 HOURS! It all went very smoothly. That I could tell. They had precautions in place. Toilets covered in bags, sterile bottled water. The shutdown was from 11-4 in the morning. Just inconvenient when you have to share bathrooms.

Day Three

We continued to NAG about the lack of the cabinet being fixed. Every time we wanted to leave the room, we had to carry everything with us. Considering that he is hooked up to an IV, and I had been sick for two weeks before his admission requiring 2 IV’s myself, carrying everything was exhausting. Add no sleep in the hospital setting. And you have continuation of not feeling well on top of exhaustion.

But, our favorite Bakery, Neighbor Bakehouse, was now open down the street. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, they became the main focus of our meals during our stay. We had prepared for our stay by pre-ordering breakfast through them. It was lovely. There was a bit of a  mix-up on the first day with the order.. But the owner was fabulous and walked it to the Hospital later. With extras. He helped make our stay so much better. Each day we started our day out with a bright smile and a treat from them.

The work-order eventually came through for the cabinet. But guess what? Once I put a code in you could never change it. So fixed? NO! The next person will have the same problem. Luckily I just memorized the override codes that security was using to get us in the cabinet. Now I can get in to it anyway and won’t have to wait for security or a work-order next time.

The entertainment for the day was the San Francisco Symphony’s Latin Quartet came by to provide some music education for the kids.Since Chewy is big into Music stuff, we went. We got Kazoos!! This became our new form of entertainment. I bet you didn’t know that I can rock a mean techno kazoo! Me neither :).

This was also when I noticed it. I had seen it before..But this time I could recognize the look. The blatant stigma of the “hospital mom” syndrome.

I had been walking down the hallway coming back from the coffee counter.. We all live there during the inpatient.. doesn’t matter what time. Luckily the Hospital has also supplied Kuerigs in the Family room. Just pack your own Pods. But, walking back I passed another mom. Not one that may have been there for herself, or having a test for her kid, but THERE. Living there. I recognized the appearance. The overall look you take on as a “hospital mom.”

I call us “Frequent Fliers.” Because we are there a lot. We usually know when we are going to be put inpatient. We can prepare a little bit. But for some reason we still eventually take on the same look.

Hospital Mom Syndrome Symptoms:                                  TiredGirl

1: Bags under the eyes from lack of sleep

2: Cup of coffee in each hand

3: Perpetual sweater or sweatshirt because you’re freezing regardless of the temperature. The “blanket” you were given, to sleep with, last night was actually just a sheet.

4: Comfortable Pants. You no longer care what you look like. You have been sitting staring at those same four walls for so long that you just want to be comfortable. Heck, you may even be wearing the same clothes for three or four days. Let’s hope you have or remembered to bring deodorant.

5: Crying in the hallways like no one is watching or can hear. This maybe once, a few times, or the whole stay.. but it happens. It’s okay. We have all been there. More than we care to admit.

6: Slippers or Uggs because let’s face it, if you no longer care what pants you’re wearing, do shoes matter?

7: Hair in a ponytail. Again most likely hanging off the side of your head. Because not only have you stopped looking in a mirror, you don’t have the time or energy to look for your hairbrush. Finger comb that bad boy back in and call it good enough. All the hair sticking out all over all ready gives you the appearance of a person escaped from the psych ward.. the slippers and crazy hair.. you blend right in Smile and own it.

8: Slow walk. This is something I have seen, and I have done. But can you really describe it? You have grabbed that elixir of life (coffee) after three nights of less than 2 hours of sleep and your just trying to make sense of the jargon that the doctors are spouting at you in Medical speak instead of human speak.. your mental processes are down to zippo.. you’re mentally and physically exhausted.. thus the slow half dragging step as you force yourself to continue. You swallow the elixir and brace yourself for the onslaught of yet another day. Nodding to the other Hospital Moms that you can recognize from the same appearance and walk as they too, head to get coffee and get ready to face yet another day. You’re in the calm before the storm and need just another second or two before you press that elevator button to resume your day. It’s the slow to get back to it, but know you have to- if you can just garner the energy, step.

9: It doesn’t matter if you have showered you still manage to look like you haven’t.

10: Hand in the pocket. Hiding the ID that means you are authorized to be there. Yet not wanting anyone to know that you are when you are off the floor. Maybe, just Maybe you look okay enough to blend in. If the other “hospital Moms” don’t recognize the symptoms as you walk by nodding in sisterhood.

Have you had a case of Hospital Mom Syndrome?



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  1. Erin says:

    Oh my gosh! That list cracked me up. How is he doing now?

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