You may remember me mentioning the opportunity for us to have a telemedicine visit, here. We have enacted this regimen. Can I tell you that it was beautiful!

Our usual rigmarole for getting and having an appointment goes like this.

Email the office alerting the Doctor that we are coming down off of our DHE infusion and starting to struggle.

Wait a few days for the response of, Will have staff call for an appointment.

Wait a few days for call or call and leave voicemail and wait for response.

Schedule for first available appointment which are only on Mondays. So expect that to be about a month out.

Wait a month for said appointment.

Drive 2-4 hours depending on the time of day appointment was scheduled for have 15 minute appointment at which the Doctor says, “Yep, it looks like it’s time to go back in the hospital”. “Let’s get that scheduled.”

Leave appointment with number to call to schedule inpatient.

Drive 2-7 hours home again depending on traffic and time of day.

Attempt to get scheduled inpatient date for the next week. It take almost two weeks for authorization for inpatient.

As you can tell it is a process. Of Waiting. That is usually why I say that we have started the process for inpatient.

So now, for the versus Telemedicine visit.

I literally called the office, and emailed since the number I had was for the wrong person, on Tuesday last week. Told them that we were going to try to set up the telemedicine visit.

I was called back by the coordinator same day, appointment set for that Friday for the test run before we could schedule an appointment.

Friday’s test run went fine with just a couple technical hiccups.

With a successful test run. We could have an appointment set.

Only a week after my initial call! part of me realizes that this is a newer program.. and it could be a fluke with the scheduling.. But WOW!!

After the appointment is completed.. We are called to schedule the inpatient. We already have our inpatient date. We just have to wait for the authorization.

A week people.. What used to hold up our inpatient while Chewy was vomiting for 7 weeks was all this Hub Bub..Driving him for hours puking his guts up for an appointment to say.. okay put him in.. Now we just did this all over the phone and internet via Telemedicine!!

I will tell you that this isn’t all there is to it. You should know that because of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.. and most people with migraines will tell you that you chart.. chart everything. Probably too much. But those charts come in wicked handy for telemedicine visits. We use them at regular visits..too. But it’s what they go over anyway.We sent them over ahead of time.

Our first telemedicine visit was a very successful adventure. Time to start planning the next. I guess that means referring to the what to pack for the hospital list in this post.

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