What has been consuming my time?

As Chewy is on day two of abdominal pain (Abdominal Migraine) with Nausea.. that later today morphed into a migraine.. the stress came in like a tsunami crashing into a foreign shore. We all knew it was out there. That the inevitable would happen. But, can you ever be adequately prepared for it?

No. Not a lick. So as we go into FULL FREAK OUT mode.. I will post what I have been working on here. It is my first attempt at video making. But ,It gets my point across. Which is what I was hoping for.

I was inspired to send in a submission for this Short film Competition regarding Migraines. However, I ended up thinking that since it was also to affect their scientific team, to push the Cyclic Vomiting Information Envelope.

Here is My Submission. Let me know what you think.

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1 Response to What has been consuming my time?

  1. Erin says:

    Girl you made me tear up! That was so well done. Really, really powerful. Thank you for sharing it!

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