Privacy vs getting changes made

Here it is:

Morgan Hill Concerned Parent Association Vs California Department of Education lawsuit.

This has taken up a lot of time and thought the last couple days.

A community post on Facebook heralded a protect your child’s privacy and information. This lawsuit will release your child’s info to a third party that isn’t prepared to protect their information.

It started an all out attack on me.

Mainly because I was most likely the ONE person that chooses to READ information for myself.

I will admit that based on the post that was put on Facebook, I clicked on the link and downloaded the form to protect my child. What parent wouldn’t?

But, I like to make informed decisions. I then clicked on the link to the actual lawsuit and READ what it was about.

It completely changed my mind about submitting the document.

I promptly went back to the Facebook page and posted that they were entirely welcome to my kids information. I would not be completing a form and sending it in. If it would help make changes to a broken schooling system, then I was more than willing to let them look at my information.

Here is where the attacking began.

And I was okay with it. They were appalled that I was in favor of releasing my child’s information.

People were making uninformed decisions based on ONE person’s opinion of what was happening. I am encouraging people to READ or RESEARCH before making decisions.

If they would have taken the time to read what records were being requested, it would not have applied to the majority of students. Only those that were affected by disability and or requests during a time period. Which is not a majority of the populace.

However, we are all entitled to our opinions.

My opinion, is to support the process of this lawsuit. Not that it will matter, since the school district has now said that they are not involved or have been ordered to release information.

But after the extreme issues that we have had with obtaining schooling, The system is broken and needs to be fixed. This lawsuit is a stepping stone. I just wish it was three years ago when I was contacting every conceivable source I could think of, and more, about issues like the ones mentioned in the complaint. I’m just glad someone is getting somewhere with the issues.

When you have a Chronically ill child, and the school suggests that you just “stop his education until he is well enough to attend”.. The system is broken. Every child is entitled to a free education. I hope this lawsuit helps fix that.

That is my opinion.  My informed and researched decision. If my kids records and or our information with the struggles with the school district will help other kids not have to go through it.. I’d be happy to participate.

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