Hitting Close to Home

I participated in a group support phone call the other day where the recurring theme of how to be treated better in the ER came up.. Repeatedly.

This isn’t new to us, when describing the ER or doctors in general. We have found a doctor that helps Chewy stay out of the ER for IV fluids during an Episode. But when things get bad.. We still have gone to the ER for additional Fluids.

But we are forever treated the same. Horribly. I can’t believe that people would willingly subject themselves and their kids to that type of treatment. For one: we are putting our immuno-compromised kid at risk even BEING in the ER.. There are SO many germs and things there. EWW!! Second: ever time his vein is opened it is one more opportunity for infection. Third: WHY or WHY would I want my kid to be treated horribly when they are already sick?

I usually avoid the ER, personally, because they have never helped me. They push it off on the doctors. The doctors push you to go to the ER. Vicious Cycle.

Who’s right?

I have had 3 TIA’s already.. one that has left me we no feeling in part of my foot. I went to the ER for an abnormal “migraine” that eventually became my new level or normal. They did next to nothing. No tests, no scans.. pain meds and sent me home telling me I had a “migraine,” to follow up with Neuro. So, when I had the first TIA.. why bother.. the “abnormal” migraine was my new level of pain.. I figured it had just morphed again. When I had the 3rd one: I lost feeling in part of my leg.. it took days to come back.. It took just as long to get in to my doctor. I don’t get good help in the ER.

My last visit to the ER.. I didn’t even get a room. I sat in the hall waiting for a chest CT scan.. They said it was clear just swelling. I was good to go.. You know no one even listened to my breathing when I complained of not being able to breath?

I read this article and it started me on a tangent. Plus the link to the Barbara Dawson Story.

I have seen my share of people in the ER that you can tell are there for the drugs. . Shouldn’t the treating physician make his/or her own decisions? There should be a way to not have that as part of the file. A Physician level of Hippaa that isn’t accessible. One person’s misjudgment could affect someone for life, or affect their life.

Not to jump track, or get off topic, but that was one thing we considered before seeking “therapy” options. The generalized treatment code for coping.. isn’t coping.. it’s all others.. So one person could put in your medical file that you sought treatment therapy at one time.. and you have a psychotic notation on your medical record for the rest of your life.

So same goes.  Notations that are demeaning, demoralizing and should be something that the treating physician SHOULD be able to ascertain for themselves. I think there should be a place that, that notation can be made that other can’t see. Because, If I can tell, in my limited experience.. the treating physician should be able to too. They shouldn’t need notes for anything other than treating the ailments.

What do you think?

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