Fog Brain

I have been walking around in a fog for days.. quite possibly months.

I almost mailed the wrong packages to the wrong people.My thoughts just aren’t connecting with each other. More than normal.

When I was out walking in the fog the other morning and it felt like I was walking through my own head. It was murky, you couldn’t see very far and didn’t know which way was which. The air was heavy and oppressive, but cool and surprisingly  refreshing.

Today, when Hubz was mentioning how disoriented he was with his headache turning migraine, he was asking how Chewy and I deal with Migraine disorientation and fog on a daily basis. I took it one step further and mentioned when Chewy’s medication was TOO HIGH at one point that he couldn’t count backwards from 100.

It makes you think about things.

Brain fog.

Or Fog Brain.

Disorientation, lack of concentration. However you label it.. I have more than your typical Holiday case of it.

I hope I’m cured soon. In the mean time, here is the picture that I took while I was walking around contemplating my murky mind.

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