A letter to our old School

I made a video of appreciation for our current school last week. You can see it below. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to contact our old traditional school and show them what they passed up on.

See my son was diagnosed with a rare condition called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome that made it difficult for him to attend school. It is a chronic illness. Because it is rare, it is difficult to get a diagnosis in the first place. Usually it can take years. But, that is another story.

What I want to discuss today is our difficulty with schooling.

Becasue he was so sick, and struggling with getting a diagnosis and getting the conidtion under some sembalance of control, he was too sick and weak to go to school. We spent weeks at a time in hopstials and infusion centers and nights in the different hopsitals or emergency rooms.

But amongst our struggle with his health, we fought our hardest to keep him in school. His body might not have been able to function as designed, but his mind was always sharp. We tried home/hospital options but were denied a second term after he tried to rejoin school and had yet another episode. We pushed harder with 504 options but no one enforced them or helped when we struggled. A system is not in place to help chronically ill students.

The more we tried to get him help, the more the schools fought back. There is just not a place for students that can not attend school. The schools get paid for the students being there. They are not inclined to help you if they aren’t. They suggested Charter schools, and independent study. We looked into each of those. None of them were viable options. Either time required to be present or still being attendance based took them out of the equation for us.

The school started not working with us completely. No work was being supplied, calls weren’t returned. At my wits end we considered homeschooling. We kept looking and eventually learned there were other options.

Not many people know how many options for their education there are out there.

We found a virtual school, Connections Academy. There are lots of options out there. There are places that you can combine the homeschooling and virtual schooling. I need you to know, as a parent, that there are options. That you can find the fit that will work for you and your student. It won’t always be a bed of roses, but it will work out.

I’m hear to tell you and the school districts that could have and should have found a way, that it can be done. The system as it is, is broken. We found a way and it seems like the future to me. Because, it should truly be “no child left behind”. Especially for the Chronically ill ones. They can’t help what is happening to them, and want to be just ┬álike everyone else. Graduate with their friends, go to prom: Not have fight to stay in school.

So, to the school disctrict that didn’t want my Chronically ill student.

He’s better off with out you.

However, you should have made more of an effort. That student that you pushed off has been on High Honor Roll (3.5 and higher), completed most of his graduation requirements early, and has started taking classes at the local Community College during┬áhis senior year. I’m pretty sure that, that affects your bottom line. You gave up a wonderful mind, a wonderful person, because of his illness.

Chronically ill students are more than their illnesses. Maybe it’s time someone fixed the broken system.

School Powerpoint

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