A little of everything else

I have been focusing my blog posts around CVS or Cyclic Vomiting syndrome lately. There’s good reason for that. It is a predominate part of our everyday life. Even if we are a a point of stability. That is how we maintain our stability. That is the key. Mitigating all the triggers, irritants and stressors that can or DO become problems. It’s an Everyday type of maintenance. The level of maintenance changes, but still requires everyday attention.

But, that is not why I am blogging today. Today is a catch up of EVERYTHING else. Because, it is important as a caregiver to remember that there is life outside of ______. Please fill in the blank. At one point it could just have been toddlers..or school.

I, being an insatiable DIYer, probably take on more projects than I should. I don’t remember if I even mentioned painting the house.. I think I did, because we had just finished the back side of the house. Then the painting stopped because we bought cabinets for the garage. But we eventually did finish painting the house. I have yet to put the house numbers back up though.

Mainly because that is another project.

We wanted different numbers. Something not quite like every other track home on the street. Since we have a thing for Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton-esque things we chose these. http://www.amazon.com/Atlas-Homewares-SCN8M-BL-Scroll-4-Inch/dp/B004FFX2UQ/ref=pd_sim_60_4?ie=UTF8&dpID=41xpH3pfV%2BL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR123%2C160_&refRID=1Q0DMK062KC6JMV4ZX71

That of course led to needing a base plate and not just on the edging that it was previously. I have purchased one, but I have yet to paint it.

I have been pretty busy making cakes. Just last weekend, I had four cakes and 2 dozen cupcakes. One was challenging while the others I could frost in under 20 minutes each. So it was fun to do. I have another BIG cake due this weekend with 2 dozen cupcakes. This one is decoration heavy. I have already started the decoration pieces. Molded chocolates and such. This one is a stress-er, but will also be fun-challenging to do.

I was finally able to work a bit more in the laundry closet. I changed out the bottom shelf and added trim on the cabinet from Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I thought I had posted pictures, but I guess I hadn’t.. What a terrible blogger I am :(. Anyway, take my word for it.. My laundry closet make over is coming along nicely.. as soon as I start and finish the shelves for the side…

 See, I told you. Too many projects. I was discussing this with Hubz last night. I have 3 jobs.. 4 if you count the handy person jobs. My sister calls me a cross between Marta Stewart and Bob Villa. I have a full time job, mom/housekeeper/laundress/chef, cakes when ordered or I cane squeeze one in for Hubz to take to work, and house update/upkeep. I have been known to also work on cars from time to time.. But really try to limit that one. I used to have the break job on our old Jetta down to 30 minutes. So glad that thing is gone.

Seriously.. how many more things can I cram into a day? With the holidays coming, I’m trying to prep for that. Halloween, I had to make NEW decorations.. A pumpkin tower. Which I need more of by the way.. but storing them will be hard. But they look cool.

The entire outside of the house has been filled sanded prepped and painted. Hanging Christmas lights is going to be another large project his year. And let’s face facts here kids.. it is going to be here faster than we plan.  It may be time to put everyday projects away for awhile. Because, Christmas here we come!!! It’s time for me to focus on something that I enjoy.. Jingle bells, jingle bells..  looking forward to my holiday adventures.

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