Flu season panic

It is inevitable every year, since the DX of Cyclic Vomiting, and learning that it can be triggered by illness (which ours frequently does) we stress about flu season. Sasquatch (oldest) picks it up some where first.. or Hubz (who works at a call center) does and Chewy or myself get secondary strains.

We try to minimize Chewy’s exposure and disinfect the house until my hands are raw. Last year we did okay.

However, we are closing in on the end of October and NONE of us have gotten our flu shots. Chewy is out in the world this year.

In case I didn’t update my previous rate about education from here. Chewy is finishing his senior year of high school AND taking college classes. His college classes are ON CAMPUS.

Being that he is on campus, he is afforded socialization that he couldn’t get online with the school that worked for us during his rough times. Since his traditional school made it impossible to continue an education while he suffered. Having a full day of school still seemed to overwhelming for his still sensitive system. College classes allowed us flexibility as well as socialization. The down side.. He has lost out on everything fun associated with high school.. proms, dances, friends… and being at the college, he will be exposed to more germs than he has in years…

Which brings us back to the flu shot.. and my panicking. Can you see why I’m panicking? Do you get the flu shot or tough it out?


Having severe asthma, Personally, I opt to do it. Plus, if you have read along a plethora of other ailments (eye roll). So weighing pros and cons, I am in favor. Anything that can keep me or lessen the flu, so I can breathe.. is a plus. Or in any case, help Chewy NOT get sick..

Have we turned into germ-a-phobes?? Most likely. We have spent the last 4 years in and out of hospitals that require you to foam in and foam out of every door. I have not been able to pass a foam dispenser with out using it.

But do I still have dirty floors? Heck yeah!! SO I can’t be that bad..

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2 Responses to Flu season panic

  1. penfriendmom says:

    The Flu shot goes over well with my cvs kid but last year he got the nasal mist and it sent him into a terrible cyclic vomiting episode. If you haven’t done it yet I’d suggest the shot.

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