After all of the Publicity this week about Miss Colorado and her “talent” being a nurse..

I have to say that I have been appalled and can applaud people putting their support behind both sides.

First, I am going to say that if you have a problem with a nurse.. It makes me wonder what kind of person you are.  That being said.. I have tossed my share out of our room :). But that is less than .00001% of the nurses we have EVER dealt with. Keep in mind that for several years we practically lived in the Hospital. We have encountered more than our share. Chewy is also categorical noted as Chronically ill. So nurses are part of our livelihood.

We love our nurses.

They always have good input and suggestions because they have seen more than you can imagine. We spend more time with them that the doctors. Talking with them, they may pick up on something that we hadn’t mentioned to the doctors that could help them in our care.

If it wasn’t for ┬ásome of the suggestions and input from the nurses, we would have struggled much more than we ever did with Chewy. Nursing is a Talent. It is a passion.

So please, appreciate and THANK your nurses.

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