Wicked, Wicked Week.

Here we go..

Ready or not.. I woke up Saturday and realized this is the week before the week.

Let me explain.

We PLAN to put Chewy in the Hospital.

This is “typical” for us. However, sooner than we expected. He had his prior DHE treatment in February. The one prior to that we were able to drag out for almost a year. SO this not lasting 6 months scares me. Is the effects of it wearing off? Is it no longer going to be a valid treatment for him?

But those concerns can simmer on the back burner for awhile. Because right now we need to get through this week.

Here is what happens when you PLAN to put your kid in the hospital.. You have time to prepare…

It’s way different then the days or weeks of not shaving.. sleeping and living in the same clothes because you were only worried about getting your kid seen and weren’t prepared to be admitted..

When we were seen locally, we had the ability to rotate who would stay, and go home and shower and change.. and pack. These are all things that changed for us years ago. We aren’t seen locally. We plan the inpatient (if he can wait which we usually can do with daily IV infusions if necessary. We have been lucky lately. He has been relatively stable. So just the “maintenance” meds inpatient have been necessary.

Now the Planning and Prep begins. On an already hectic week.

We went last time expecting that we would have the same foods available.. but the hospital had moved.. This stay will require more planning and MORE hauling in of our own food.

We plan to live on microwave or instant anything. We bought a mini-fridge that holds 6 cans of soda.. Because the hospital has gone completely health conscious.. and let’s face it.. My teen.. does not eat “healthy”. He loves a good ceasar salad. But he can’t go a week with out a burger and fries.. and this hospital has deemed burgers.. and definitely fries.. bad for you.. as well as pizza.. So.. I am not sure how they feed kids in this Children’s hospital with out kid friendly staples.. But. We are bringing or having our favorites delivered.

Here is what we have packed so far:

Individual Frosted Flakes, as frosted flakes have too much sugar in them for a health conscious hospital.. and we can get milk delivered on the tray

Insta-mac and cheese, add water and Nuke.. sounds healthy to me.. 🙂

Think thin oatmeal, vanilla of course.. the hospital should stock this.. I love it.

Kuerig packs.. let’s face it.. I’m not sleeping. I will be living on this instead of water.

Shelf stable almond milk, because I am non dairy.. and I can’t waste room in the mini fridge and don’t want to search for it everyday in the family fridge.

Beef jerky.. still protein, if high in sodium.. but the salt helps calm nauseousness, so that is a must.

Should have packed our tried and true favorite.. Salt and vinegar.. But it got left int he cupboard. Salty chips are also banned.. only hummus or chia..which are fine for mom.. but not kid friendly.


Brown rice and Quinoa in individual serving sizes. Toss on salsa and you have a meal. (mom friendly)

Ramen, if your kid eats this. Again.. we tend to run on salt laden foods due to the high chance of eruptions.

We had routes planned to our other places for food, a nearby pizza place, ordered a salad up on the tray.

Hospital living is hard enough. Make sure you’re ready for your inpatient adventure!

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