Tune-up Tuesday

You know that Vortex that I was mentioning.. It’s still spinning out of control. We have turned on all the fans and tossed in the furniture to watch the catastrophic results when the vortex suddenly loses momentum. At least that is what life has felt like lately.

Let me catch you up since it’s a tune-up Tuesday.

On the school front.. Where have we gotten… Oh let me see. I have gone to a different local College and will most likely re-start enrollment with them for two very good reasons. 1) They were pleasant ans HELPFUL! 2) They gave us directions and not excuses. In addition the information I sent the DEAN of students at the first college.. was returned with.. this is who I’s sending it to.. with Still no response from them. That was more than a week ago.

The Tow truck fiasco:

I briefly mentioned this but it took up A LOT of my time.. I was rearended by a tow truck and pushed into another car. It was fairly minor considering it was a freaking TOW TRUCK!! So car juggling, Dr’s appointments, ER visits and the like. But My truck is finally home. And that is just lovely. Now the paperwork filing and all of that begins.

Sasquatch finished summer school, Early even. She was getting such fabulous grades that the teacher waived the requirement for the final. So she’s excited. No we get to start book shopping for the Fall semester.

Still considering the Cefaly for Chewy. Submitted to the insurance for hopeful coverage. I know that won’t end here.. They will have us have the Doctor submit for Auth and all that fun stuff.. But this is what I do.

In the meantime, because Chewy is having an increasing in frequency to the point of almost daily headaches and more frequent and increased severity migraines.. toss on an established cycle of abdominal migraines.. we have schedule the inpatient DHE. We get to hoop jump to make that happen but have a couple weeks. Luckily we have the truck back 🙂

While I was doing the June Challenge, we did a lot around the house. Finished the painting on the back and put up the Shade Sails. We finished most of the sides and now just have the front to do. Which is slated for this weekend. We will see how that goes. I have almost recovered from the car accident, but Hubz still has a broken hand. Sasquatch and Chewy will be doing a lot… but Chewy has limitations especially being close to being episodic.

We put up all the cabinets in the garage. Hung bicycles and got the the workout equipment to one side. I can not believe how empty the cabinets look. Where did all the Crap that was on the floor go? Huge difference!

I revamped my free patio chairs.. I’ve been busy! WOW! Go me!

I have been acquiring too many fun tools. My assortment of Ryobi Cordless are my newest additions. The Drill/Driver combo is a great buy right now if you need one!

But if you couldn’t tell.. I am still a little scrambled.. and obviously all over the place. Still working on my focus. I have times where it works.. and times that it doesn’t.. 🙂 I’ll get there. I thought having something like the hospitalization to focus on would help.. but I think it added to the scramble.. or should I say.. the vortex.

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