We have been playing referral tag for Chewy since last week to get him in to see a Hematologist.

Chewy, having already been cursed with Cyclic vomiting, also has a my blood disorder, Leiden Factor V (five). This sucks for him. Well, for anyone. They noted this in his file this last inpatient and are holding on with both hands. As he is now scheduled to go back in for the DHE protocol, we have to have him see a hematologist.

Dhe is a vaso constrictor or has vaso constrictor traits.Combine that with the increased risk of blood clots with family history of blood clots (not that they know about that ) but there is a cause for concern.  But this is the 5th infusion of DHE that he has had. With no prior complications.

Anyway, to get back on track.. the referrals are going no where. They wanted someone that was in the UCSF system but that would be out of our network and require additional time etc.. Our PCP sent a referral to a Doctor here, but although he sees me… he won’t see a pediatric patient. Ugh.. I hate that.. My pediatric patient is BIGGER than you. GRRR. and very close to the “adult” cut off.

So back to referrals we went..

And I am so happy! We got a phone call from Cheryl!! Cheryl has been with us and handling our referrals and the like for years. Literally. She was telling me how  she kept Chewy’s name and age on her desk and would check in on him from time to time to see how he was doing. How absolutely SWEET is that! She helped us out during some of our rougher times. I had her direct line and even called her about 6 months after the worst of the worst to Thank her for helping us make it happen. Now, 3 years later.. she’s still helping us get stuff done. She is still looking out for my little guy, who isn’t so little anymore.

I once again have her direct line, and should have this weeks referral mess straightened out by tomorrow.

I am really excited that there are people out there that care!!

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