I’ve done it now…

I’ve developed an affinity for arguing with people. And I like to win. Probably not a good combo.. Especially if you tick me off.

It happens a lot. Well, not a lot.. per se. But frequently. Mainly because.. I’m right and you’re wrong.. Just kidding.

I learned to stop sitting there and waiting. I’ve become pushy. Dealing with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, Doctors, Insurance schools you name it.. has in essence made me a fighter. I fight everything. Until I get what I want.

That is a little background for you.

The battle I am fighting now.. College.

Been trying to get Chewy into the College Program for being enrolled in both High school and College. Yesterday I had a run in with the Counseling Department. By run in, I mean, I felt that the person did not feel like working that day and we argued. So,phase one commences.

Phase one. Be a jerk. I am not a jerk.. But no one knows how to deal with a Jerk and they really just want you to shut up. But let me clarify. I only use this in extreme cases. Because.. I don’t like it. I don’t want it to be done to me.. I’m always nice. Until you’re not. And heaven help you if you’re not. I have always been taught not to be the one to swing first.. But be the last one standing..

Phase two.. Supervisor.

This won’t work here. She appeared to be the only person in the office, and Since no one gives names, or will admit or take responsibility for actions.. no one to hold accountable..

So after careful consideration of a very offensive email reply.. I forwarded the email, and experience with lack of help.. to the Dean of students. F* the Supervisor. If a parent can’t get help getting a student enrolled.. imagine what these kids go through. I’m appalled that I have been asking for help since May, calling, going in.. and STILL can’t get it taken care of. I have said it before and I will most likely say it until I die.. Because I will be fighting the education system until then.. Getting an Education Shouldn’t be this HARD!!!

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