Crazy behind..

I epic-ly failed the Blog Challenge for June. I could give you my list of excuses.. But I am very like a teacher in that department. I don’t accept them. I will endeavor to try harder next time. I will accept that I did more than I thought I could do. But still try to do more next time. It is behind us now and time to keep moving forward.

Let’s catch up!

Here is My baby/ pet project/ driving force  at the moment.

The Mito Madhatter 5k Run SacramentoFeatured image

In my attempt to raise awareness for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) I have learned more than anyone parent should know. Not only does it have ties to Migraines, but also to Mitochondrial disorders. To raise awareness and education about this, we are promoting and volunteering with this group this year for this 5K. As we found it after it happened this year.

If you would like to Support, virtual run or Donate to our cause, Our team is the Mi-T Fighters.

Luckily, the run/walk isn’t until September. Because, I can barely walk without sucking wind. My breathing is still very labored from being hit by a tow truck. That was an ordeal, let me tell you. It’s been a little over a week and I am just starting to feel like I can move. I’d like to feel like I could breathe.. But hopefully that will be soon. Complicating that all of course is my body that makes it impossible to take meds. Which makes being hit by a truck SUPER FUN (loaded with Sarcasm).

It also puts the Ky-bosh on any type of home improvement work. You know that that is all we have been doing. We got the back of the house done. Finally painted the trim. I can’t wait to show you the color! Worked on my free to me chairs and got them sanded. de-rusted and painted. I even have cushions on them. If everything wasn’t dead from the drought it might be nice to sit outside. The garage is done with the Ikea cabinets hung. All the shelves are cut and mostly up. I started on my doors for the laundry cabinet that I picked up at Re-Store. But even after I measured and did the math and drew pictures.. they were still too big. So I took a break. Now I will take a big one.

And Hubz, Hubz broke his hand. In two places. Playing softball. We were worried about surgery, until his appointment yesterday where he was cleared of even a cast.. Just a pretty annoying splint for 4 weeks. But not as annoying as the one he had been wearing and had not use of his fingers.

So, there you go. Two pretty useless middle age old folks hoping that this weekend there is a lot on TV to occupy their time.

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