Severely Behind.. On my blog challenge :(

I swear when the June Blog Challenge is done, I’ll have time to tell you all about what we have been up to.. But until then, I’ts catch up time 🙂

Day 12: what does the quote in the Featured imagepicture below mean to you?

For me this is super easy. Mainly because I do it.. I sing.. Like a Canary. If you inquire at all about migraines, CVS, my son.. anything.. I will tell you about everything.. Hoping to educate and advocate for others to continue to seek help. So many times we accept that there is nothing else that can be done. When there is. It is finding what and who can help you. Talking to others is one of the ways I have found this.

Day 13: What in Nature, gives you hope?

Each new day. Everything starts over and is a new chance. But mainly, when I have a migraine.. I really just want a do-over.

Day 14: Interpret what the following quote means to you.

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make the dreams a reality.”  JONAS SALK

Our dream was pretty simple.. Find a doctor that could/would care about finding out what was wrong with Chewy. Would stop throwing pills at it and strive to make him function like a teen should. You would THINK that would be an easy task. But finding a caring and compassionate doctor is like finding a Unicorn. They are mythical Creatures. You have heard tales.. but…

Day 15: I’m skipping.. It was a video by Mayiah Carey and Whitney Houston. Mariyah is mails on a Chalkboard to me..

Day 16: What color is hope? I think for us right now, hope is Green. It represents Mitochondrial Connection to the Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. As I don’t think that our problem end with Migraines. Chewy has muscles fatigue and weakness that contributes to him getting sick or exhausting himself. So we are eventually going to pursue that.

Day 17: “Hope Rises Like a Phoenix”


For me: It showed me how strong I can be. That I am a fighter. That I can take on the world each day and still be standing at the end of the day. Because I have been through so much worse that almost anything that is thrown at me now, is fine. I’ve been challenged and fought back. I will continue to.

For Chewy: This is a bit harder. So much has been taken away from him. Right now we will focus on the opportunities that having left traditional school behind, we will be enabled to start college classes early. This will allow us to not only attend just a couple classes, but engage in the social aspects of things that He has been missing. But he did miss out on many typical high school activities and is so isolated because of this.. It’s hard to say he’s done.

Day 18: What has your doctor said to you to give you hope.

The team that finally ended up being able to help us with Chewy.. I’ll never forget. Because I burst into tears. He sat looking through Chewy’s medical records with me and telling me how sick he was. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “But I want to reassure you that he isn’t leaving here until he is well enough, and we have a plan in place going forward on how to treat him.” I cried. I cried harder than I had in the months leading up to that night. Harder than nights that I didn’t know what to do for my son and how to get him help. From that day on, they always came to me with Plan A, B AND C. we always had a plan of attack, and two back up plans. It was the reassurance that we would finally get help. We had hoped before. But the reassurance was the kicker. We hoped more than we had ever hoped before. But this time, WE didn’t have to work for it. They took care of it, and him. We love that team.

Day 19: Interpret the song Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”“>

Lot that applies here. It almost killed us. Chewy specifically. His CVS. He was SOOOO sick that his organ’s were shutting down after vomiting DAILY from August through November. He was not getting any type of nutrition and his body could no longer function. After fighting every one.. We eventually got help. The entire experience has made us ALL stronger. Strong enough to help others, Strong enough to know when enough is enough and fight the system. Strong enough to never settle. Fight for what you think is right and obtainable.

Day 20: Who do you look to for inspiration or as a role model for your migraine hope or drive for not giving up?

Plain and simple. Chewy. He has been through soooo much, yet he wants to help others. He put up with an unimaginable amount of poking and proding and procedures to get where he’s at. But, at a price. He’s thankful for what he has. Yet still compassionately aware of others. He inspires me. He makes me want to be a better person.

Day 21: What do the words of the Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” say to you?

Say what you want to say..

Tell your doctors what you think. If what you are doing isn’t working it isn’t working.

Be you. Be Brave. Don’t Hide who you are. You may have an invisible illness, but you should advocate and EDUCATE others. I want to see you.

Maybe there is a way out of the Cage where you live. Is there is cure? Can you help find one? Can you educate and advocate those around you. You don’t need to be alone. I want to see you be Brave.

“The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.”

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