Blog Challenge #MHAM Day 11

Finally one on the day it is supposed to be! Yay me!

Day 11- What do you do or say to others to give them hope?

Whether we are talking about Chewy’s migraine variant (cyclic vomiting syndrome) or my migraines my response would be the same. Don’t accept good enough. There are more options out there to help.It’s finding the team of professionals willing and capable of executing them.

With my migraines.. they just kept increasing my Topomax.. ¬†Can I tell you I hate topomax.. I hate what it did to me. And what it does to me. I am suffering LONG term effects even tapering off it. I never felt that it helped for more than a couple months.. and adding more made the side effects awful. I can’t say unbearable.. because what is the alternative? Death? With the TIA’s I have already had.. that is what I am looking at. Each migraine is a death sentence. It could be. And they cause scar tissue. Did you know that? I didn’t. I’d like to thank my Neurologist for terrifying me with that info. So each one you have, ends up contributing to the problem. Vicious.

Fortunately and UN, because CVS is a migraine variant, I studied and researched and learned that there were options besides the throw more drugs on the pile option. Mainly because Chewy is following in my footsteps. He doesn’t respond to regular treatments. So as his territory for treatment went into the uncharted, I too opted to try something else. I tried the Botox regimen that you may have seen me mention on here. I am super happy with it and am almost tapered off the topomax.

The moral.. Don’t give up hope. Don’t stop pushing.You know you best.

“The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.”

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