June- Migraine Awareness month Catch up days..

Still catching up.. I may get there.. just in time for the weekend. Then we will do it again. 🙂

It has been a really hectic week. We are finishing up school. Which has been really hard being that we are behind. But we got stuck in one class, and when we requested help (multiple times) and it went unanswered for more than a week.. it put us further behind. Then we had the fall out from me yelling at the teacher and dealing with the 504 coordinator, and administration. Plus toss on that because Chewy is mostly done with school we are trying for a couple of college courses. This will get him the socialization that we strive for. This means we are dealing with a lot. Sasquatch finished up classes and started summer Classes. Chewy had a birthday.

But all the stress and excitement cause problems. I sent a preliminary contact to UCSF that Chewy was experiencing what appear to be Abdominal Migraines. We had had those under control for more than a year. Abdominal Migraines lead to the vomiting portion of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome for us. We have been in a period of stability just mitigating the migraines. But upping the ante to the Abdominal Migraines is NOT GOOD. It took me a few days to recognize that was what it was. I should have recognized it sooner. Each day since I have been the helicopter mom.. “How ya’ Doin’?” “How ya Feelin’?” I have got to be driving the poor kid nuts. But keeping the abdominal migraines at bay is my top priority. Well, except yelling at the teacher that caused the problem in the first place.. But, luckily, I think that is mostly resolved. We will see. 5 DAYS left of school.

In the mean time let us catch up with the #MHAM blog challenge.

Day 8- Do you have pets that keep you hoping, if not what else keeps you hoping?

Well, Chewy keeps hoping for a cat.. But that isn’t happening any time soon. Our 13 year old dog needs hope of his own. But is still quite comforting, and was when Chewy was home by himself so many times during the rougher years. Since he no longer attends traditional school. Our dog would sit watch over him and his room.

Day 9- What part of this lyrics in this song give you hope?

Skipping.. Never have been a fan of Brian McNIght.

Day 10- Write about ways you find hope on dark days

I guess for Chewy and I it is talking to and supporting others. We have been through some pretty rough times. But we have seen and experienced a lot worse. So, it really is a perspective thing.  There were times that I would be in tears and feeling so bad for what chewy was going through and I couldn’t make it better.. but I would see or hear about a kid down the hall that might not make it. I always felt that chewy would get better. I didn’t know how close we came to losing him. But knowing now, what we didn’t know then… we try to help others. I guess in short. We try not to have dark days. But when they happen. We make them short days :). We are usually crawling into bed in agony anyway…

“The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.”

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