I’ve had conversations with both Chewy and Sasquatch this week that centered around how things that have or are happening to you make you grow as a person. Make you evolve for lack of a better term.

Sasquatch deals with ovarian cysts. Painful and right now she’s too young for them to want to do much. She gets about one or two a year that are REALLY painful. One of her friends was telling her that it was preparing her for childbirth. I laughed. I told her that it was more like teaching her to deal with pain an still function. Becoming a parent. Or as a smart alec comment to her friend (who is a guy) that it was forcing us to learn to deal with men, a constant pain in our side :). I liked it.. but Hubz didn’t.

On to Chewy:

During a conversation with Chewy, I had mentioned I had seen that one of his friends was home sick from school. his response was, “Good thing it wasn’t me. It could be a week, or two or 15.” And we laughed. LAUGHED. But somewhere deep down inside, we both know that it is possible. That, that used to be our normal.

Later it made me sad. Probably him too, but we don’t talk about that. Because talking about it would make it possible. Sad, because he is missing out on SOO much. Because of what is or has happened to him. But now as a result of it he doesn’t fit back in with the kids he was with before.

It’s not just your health that CVS takes from you. But my Chewy is a fighter. He mentioned that he wanted to try to help people like him when he grows up. He’s not sure how.. But he’s looking at taking a medical terminology course.. Of course.. that is probably because it will be easy for him after years of trying to get a diagnosis and all the tests and stuff he’s had to do.

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1 Response to Evolving

  1. Erin says:

    The comment from a friend made me laugh because my initial reaction was “what an odd thing for a girl to say” so it totally made me giggle that is was a GUY. For the record, I liked your response 😉

    As for Chewy, I think he would be a great help! Especially for kids going through it, to see and speak to someone like him, and that whole reassurance of not being alone.

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