Dang! I missed my Tune-up Tuesday.. Wanna guess why? I was trimming hedges that haven’t been cut back in eons and cut our internet cable that goes to our house. The cable was just tossed in the hedges instead of in the designated enclosed container at the base of the hedge. So out of internet for a little over a day. 😦 My bad..

I did a blood draw for my Vitamin D Level recheck. The tech went completely through my vein. Which is never good when you live on TWO blood thinners. So that was painful and took a while to resolve. But on the upside, My level FINALLY falls with in the “normal” parameters. So instead of maintaining.. on the same dosage. we are going back to the 12,000 IU a day of the D3 I was on before. I am Not going to apologize for bad mouthing this doctor. He may have my levels up.. but.. (eye roll)

I had a pretty boring weekend. Moved a bunch of river rock trying to get ready for my backyard over hauling. Or more correctly.. starting the overhauling. We have a big junk pick up that I need to start break stuff down for. And really stop acquiring stuff. I brought home a “new” patio table.. New coat of paint and it’ll be fine 🙂 People get rid of the weirdest things.. Of course people collect the weirdest things.. 🙂

We went to the movies and did some shopping. Trimmed the hedges.. and the internet cable.

How about you? Any adventures or Misadventures this week?

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