Tune-up Tuesday on Wednesday

My long weekend turned into a big mess.. That is taking me forever to recover from. I told you not to envy me.

Thursday: Was our trek to the Doctors for Chewy, My CVS’r. Here is what we got out of that. Ice cream.. 🙂 Really it was just because we stopped at Fenton’s Ice Creamery on our way home. Seriously.. because the Docs are suggesting weird stuff. CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy = help coping with a Chronic illness

Cefaly headband for non-pharmaceutical migraine prevention.

Or another pill.They want to put Chewy on Topamax again. He was on it before.. and it didn’t do anything. So I don’t think putting him on it again will help.

I’d rather wait for Ketoprofen topical cream to finally get approved for the migraine use. My CVS’r is not going to wear a headband unless we time travel back to the 80’s when they were popular for 5 minutes. Even then.. Hello, he’s a dude.. Have you seen this headband.. At least make a guy version that isn’t so.. so.. girly looking.

So we need to decide what we are going to do there.

I finished the fence fix, used fence leftovers to build an a/c cover. That was two big things off my to do list. 

 Friday, I was able to take apart and recover my kitchen bench. It had previously been covered in a hideous floral fabric, and I wanted white bead board. I finally completed that. I had already recovered the top cushion. 

 While I was cutting the bead board and stuff for he bench I cut the second shelf for the laundry cabinet.

We, meaning Hubz helped, also installed dampers on the kitchen cabinet doors to make them soft close.

Saturday we went and purchased a new BBQ. We figured that since I had gotten reimbursed for my knee scooter (YAY) it was “fun money” and we NEEDed a BBQ. If you cook like I do.. we grill 2-3 times a week. A BBQ is an appliance. But, said appliance.. needed assembly..  Ugh..

Sunday.. the assembly continued.. The dog needed his Rabies vaccination. Everyone was under the weather.. and barely moving.. Except me. I had a to-do list.. Sick or not..

So, I replaced one sliding screen door, and harvested enough from the one I was replacing to make the second door workable. I will probably breakdown and buy a second one. But in the mean time.. Nice to have the bugs being kept out.

Monday the migraine hit. Mainly because I had been sick for days and still pushing myself. Chipolte ended up providing dinner.

Tuesday the migraine continued. Sleeping was next to impossible. I could literally see sounds. Hubz can now relate thanks to the visual effects in the Daredevil Netflix Show. Told him that it didn’t look like sonar.. but if it helps him relate.

Today, day 3.. I’m having up and down pain times with it.. It is really affecting my right eye. It was a traveler. It started day 1 on the left side by my temple. It has migrated down and around the back of my head and is now predominantly on my right side in front of my ear through my mid brain.. Which makes me more comfortable, because that is where my migraines typically live. Although, I do not enjoy the lightheaded, is my ear numb? feeling that accompanies it.

I also got to go see my allergy guy. I just get to take 3 times the meds of the “average” person. Ugh.. but alright. The prednisone is not something I want to live on.. and the shots.. seem high maintenance.

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  1. paynepills says:

    I hope you feel better soon!

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