Tune-up Tuesday 4/21

So, My CVS’r Who said he wanted to be henceforth known as Chewbacca, would like it changed to Just Chewy… Just Chewy is going through the typical rigmarole of Junior year.. The What am I going to do with my life?? He has had an interest in music for as long as I can remember, But because of his Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, It has changed his life. It changed how he interacted with people. It changed how he was able to interact with band members.. None of it for the better.

The other night as we sat talking over such things, he mentioned he wanted the help other people like him. (proud momma moment) But that opens up all kinds of windows. He has already been such a sport when it comes to stuff like that. Makes a mother proud of her young man. What these kids go through makes them grow up SOOO fast.

We talked about advocating. There are some local events and people that I might push to work with more. But it still just makes me proud that he wants to help people.

I actually managed to check in yesterday, so you know about most of my weekend.

Last night I made another batch of the Chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter Buttercream frosting for Hubz to take to work.

I spent another night tossing and turning.

So when 6AM rolled around.. I still wanted to stay in bed and Pull the covers over my head. But, My sister has been consistently beating me in steps on Fitbit step Tracking. Frustrating.. I could quantify this with.. The prednisone is making my tendon brittle.. and it is.. but, I hate excuses.. I can find time to up the ante. Forget that I have been baking cakes and cupcakes nights and weekends, and working on house projects.. and fixing small things around the house.. Toss on regular errands.. Ugh..

And everyday looking in the mirror knowing that I can’t run.. and the weight is sneaking back on..

So.. 6am.. I hit snooze. Then berated my self.. and got up.. It was weight day with Chewy any way.. Trying to build up his stamina/ muscle after having been sick for so long.. I know his muscles were affected.. SO.. my own theory.. we will work on his muscle development while he is in his recuperation period. He played a little bit of softball this weekend and is still tired. SO.. not sure that it’s what we are looking for.. I may push for the mitochondrial researching still instead of just stopping at the Neuro portion. Would be nice if my Giant could function normally and not be exhausted all the time. His size must be too much for his cells to power.

But back to 6 am.. I rolled out of bed.. and got to work.. opened doors and windows, load of laundry in, and hopped on the treadmill. Then, grabbed Chewy half an hour later and rotated 5 minute intervals weights vs treadmill.Then Yoga cool down.. Perhaps I should have challenged my sister to a daily showdown  on fitbit..

I need to get my steps up to 10k a day.. again.. Used to be no problem.. Now my foot.. I average about 8k.. Thats’ way up from the 3500 that I was barely able to tolerate.. but You know why the weight is creeping back on… 😦 You’d think my mostly veganish diet would curtail that.. but it doesn’t.

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