Glorious sleep

Finally!! Two night in a row of mostly sleeping. Of course one night was because of drinking.. but  the prednisone seemed to feed on the liquor.. I really couldn’t get buzzed. Stinky..

Last night I drank a bottle of Nuero.. Have you seen this in the stores? I couldn’t drink it before because of the carbonation. But, now I have no problems with it now that I have decreased my Topamax. Hoping to be off that soon.

My weekend was a whirlwind that started Friday night.

Had another order for Cupcakes. They weren’t supposed to be elaborate, but kept evolving. Of course.

Friday night I knocked out the Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream frosting Chocolate drizzle and mini peanut butter cup decor.    Saturday morning I finished the rest. They wanted Ninja turtle, and Frozen themed cupcakes. The Ninja Turtle I just made toppers to push into the cupcakes and varied the sprinkles that we put on them. The frozen cupcakes came out beautifully.   I made Olaf look like a snowman. Frosted the base cake, Scoop of frosting covered in sparking sugar, and two chocolate chips with piped chocolate “twig” arms. Printed and cut out face topper for Popsicle stick

Elsa, Was swirled sky blue frosting with sparkling sugar around the base of the “dress” or frosting, light blue sparkling sugar, and a trail of white sprinkles and snow flake sprinkles up on side.

Anna, was beautiful.. Probably my favorite. Royal blue frosting in a large roundish dollop, covered in midnight  blue sparkling sugar. I then piped on a design similar to her bodice embroidery.    oth Anna and Elsa had printed cut out and on Popsicle toppers.

I think they look pretty good. I don’t have any pictures of them assembled, as they were handed off..    But I think you can see the gist of them..

I love decorating.. SO fun! And considering I didn’t know what I was gonna do when I started.. Quite an adventure 🙂

Then the rest of my weekend was a blur of running errands.. New containers for cupcake liners,

Wood for making cabinet doors, FIXING my miter saw.

Joanns Fabric Store had a GREAT coupon deals going on.. if you didn’t catch that… I got to use 2 50% off coupons.. and got a New cake carrier.. after my one broke, and another decorator caddy, the plant hook, some mini mason jars for sprinkles. another decorating tip after one that was 1 day old got Jammed in the garbage disposal.. Oh yeah.. Fixed the garbage disposal.. See.. busy weekend..

This weekend.. I have a long weekend.. Don’t envy me.. You can see that I am stocking up on projects..

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