Tune-up Tuesday 4-14

I’m going to start calling it Tune-up Tuesday.. I can’t seem to find the time or energy to post on Mondays. Mainly because I am exhausted from my weekends. They really need to be longer.

Let’s see where we are at this week:

1) I’ve started wheels in motion for Chewbacca (my CVS’r) to go back to traditional school. We have all along wanted him to be part of the whole High school experience. And being involved with your peers is crucial to any type of chronic or invisible illness. But this whole teen thing and chronic illness needs help.

We have been doing an online school for the past year and most of his sophomore year, but think he maybe stable enough to resume traditional school, or try to finish out his senior year with his friends. But thanks to over crowding, they are trying to send him to another school. He has been through SOOO much already.. sometimes the fighting gets to be too much. But, mamabear has got to do what mamabears do best.  There’s a reason I got a punching bag for Christmas….

2) I got a letter over the weekend addressed to me “or current Resident”. Well you know that that means they don’t want the letter forwarded. It was regarding a credit on an account that was 9 years old.. 9 Years old… And they sent it “or current resident”  First that means someone else can OPEN my mail.. regarding an account of mine.. and your going to let them what Claim my credit??? No. It was designed to not have the money paid out so this place could keep the money as the letter read. Crooks!! Pretty sure there is a violation of rights, mail and other things in there if the right people were to see it.. UGH!

3) I have been fighting the insurance company and medical group for coverage of my knee scooter (DME) since two months before my surgery last year. I still am.. Perhaps if someone wouldn’t have told me it was covered.. I wouldn’t be so adamant about getting my money back. But, this is what happens when you can’t get someone to help you in the first place. I become a thorn in your side for months.. until it’s resolved. Oh, and to the delightful (sarcastic) lady that “helped” me today.. you do NOT get snide with me. Here is what you don’t know you’re dealing with.. I know all about the inner workings of a call center.. so the minute you give me ‘tude, take a tone or are just rude.. I know what to do next. I hope you get taken to task for being that idiot that you were today. I, as proven by dragging this out for a year and 5 months, am patient. I’ll get my way. I know how to fight with words and documents, proof.. You have it in spades.. Because I sent it to you. Even when you and the companies keep “not being able to find” things… I have them. and I’m adding to them every time I have to call and do YOUR job.

4) As if I don’t have enough to do… After we spent our Saturday morning at Ikea, 2 Home Depots, Restore and Lowe’s trying to find stuff to finish up projects, or in the case of the Mulch we acquired.. It was on a REALLY good sale.. However, all projects were sidelined when upon taking said mulch to the backyard we found that a section of fence was literally hanging by a thread.. A thread of a broken fence board. All projects took a back seat to repairing the fence. Another trip to Home Depot for fence posts and concrete.. and we were off. Took it down dug the holes, set the posts.. left it over night.. Then Sunday morning ended up having to disassemble the section of fence to rebuild it. But were well on our when Hubz blew up my less than 6 months old 12″ Dual bevel compound Miter saw with Laser level.. I let him use it without supervision… *Sigh* Luckily, he’s okay. So I kept going. I’ll worry about the Saw Later.. Much Later… But then we had a brief two hour reprieve for Hubz Softball practice. Then back to work… But was able to get it completed. Fence done. But no other projects completed.

6) I’ve been posting a lot of our personal experiences on the new CVS speaks Facebook Page for CVS awareness. Please visit it here: https://www.facebook.com/CVS.Speaks 

I keep telling people that I learn more every day because of CVS. Mainly due to the Sites like the one listed above. And all the ones I have learned about since we got our diagnosis. Keep learning, keep living, keep sharing. Our stories and experiences will and can help others.

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