Talk with my Mom

My mom does not have the same sense of humor or the same out look on life as I do. This makes for some very AWKWARD conversations. Let me give you a glimpse of what I mean.

My mom had a vein in her middle finger, of her left hand, burst… Sound familiar. So we all discussed that it could be a blood clot. Just like mine here.

But here ensuing tests showed nothing. The doctors seem pretty confident about it NOT being a clot.

Yesterday, she calls about them just finding a cyst. A cyst people.. I don’t know about you, but I stopped keeping count after the first 12 they found in me. They are for the most part pretty benign. Now if you want to talk about Masses.. Nah, let’s try and stay on topic today..

Cysts.. She has ONE. I have 4 in the same place. One of my four Measures 5cm. But before I go there.. Let me catch you up on the conversation..

Yesterday she calls me and is all hyming and hawing over this cyst they just found. How she doesn’t want to be like me… (any one else feel insulted?) How can I live like that, always finding things wrong, what causes them, what are they doing for them.. To which I respond.. Nothing.. they are really non-symptomatic.. and just like hers, they stumbled upon them looking for something else.. Nothing to be done, and mine can’t really be examined..(extreme problem child here)

But I tell her there is good news.. She doesn’t have to live as long as I do with them…..

Give it a second..

Yeah.. Couple ways you can take that… She thought I was wishing her dead. 🙂 I’m sure from the dead air I got.. But what was intended was.. I have already been living with them.. for like ten years.. and I am younger than her..Child.. parent. She just needs to get over it. But she launches into how she is worried about being diagnosed with all the stuff wrong with me.. (again.. insulted..ugh). And pretty sure the blood clot was crossed off the list.

But, today I did what any good kid should do.. I called again 🙂

Some one should take away my phone.  Today she is depressed and just not sure how to handle it…


It’s a cyst. One cyst.. That she doesn’t yet know the size of.

I know I am prone to a few moments of freak out now and then.. I’m trying to remember that…

Dealing with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome has taught me a lot. There’s a time to worry, and stress and even panic… This isn’t one of them.

Disclaimer*** I apologize if you do have or suffer from cysts that are disturbing your everyday life. Mine interfere, but don’t stop me. Hubz has a large one in his hand that disrupts movement. I realize that there are also conditions that are related to cyst formations and do not intend to antagonize sufferers. This is a post related to the dramatization of something you didn’t know existed.

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