Never have I ever…

I slept horribly last night. That isn’t anything unusual for me. But the whole night I had those words floating around in my head. Never have I ever. Never have I ever. It seemed to be waiting for me to finish the rest.

I could be being all psychological about it and say that I am stressed out about something. Or have things on my mind. Because, let’s face it, we all have about a zillion things zinging around in our brains… mine just usually happen when I’m trying to sleep.

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Now I can’t remember what it was my brain was trying to tell me. Maybe it’s time to get back to work on crossing things off the bucket list.. By manner of doing them, Not by manner of being UNABLE to do them.. Stupid foot.

But, I have been working on the house so much.. Which is a good thing.. because there is so MUCH to do.

I just finished my Scrabble tile wall art. I thought I found a new glass globe for my bedroom ceiling fan, but nope. After three attempts at that one, I am accumulating a lot of Garden light globes.. Just need to: 1. have a garden 2. finish the back yard 3. finish painting the trim 4. put up the shade sails 5 take down the trees 6 put up posts.. .

See what I mean.. and that is just the back yard.. Ugh!!

Maybe I need to go back to the Never have I ever..

Never have I ever… Heard from the Tool Fairy.

Never have I ever… confessed to driving the car backwards at 60 miles an hour

Never have I ever… dyed my hair a cool color

Never have I ever…heard OF the Tool Fairy

Never have I ever… WANTED to work on the car

Never have I ever… NOT wanted Tools 🙂

Never have I ever… had enough room in the kitchen or the garage

Never have I ever… Slept through an entire night

Never have I ever… not wanted to punch some of the doctors we have dealt with During our Quest for a diagnosis of CVS

Never have I ever… been so frustrated because of our fight with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Never have I ever…gotten a red light ticket (just kidding that one happened. just seeing if you were still paying attention.)

Never have I ever… burnt anything when cooking.. really I haven’t. Those, we affectionately call, our Cajun nights 🙂

Never have I ever… not sung loudly and off-key in the car when I drive around by myself.

Never have I ever… not wished that My CVS’r didn’t have to go through what he does or has.

Side note: CVS’r would like to hitherto be known as Chewbacca and for Eldest to be known as Sasquatch. 

Never have I ever… seen a sasquatch.. besides eldest and most of my immediate family who are probably the ones that have been sighted and reported as SQUATCH. Now Aliens…

Never have I ever… taken myself seriously.. Life is serious enough.

Never have I ever… been so frustrated that I can’t remember what my brain was trying to make me remember. SO play along.  It could be something Like I am going to mention next.. that is on my bucket list.. and an adventure..

Never have I ever… seen the giant Redwoods. Always wanted to. Finally made it to Yosemite.. Now time to cross off the Redwoods.

Now it’s your turn..

Never have you ever…

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