Rant incoming

I went to the pharmacy to pick up, the THIRD month, of the anti-thrombin that I have been prescribed to help resolve the plethora of Blood clots in my arm. Third Month. They said I needed to meet with the Pharmacist. Which I did the FIRST time I picked it up.

Why, after I have been on it for months would I need to re-meet with the Pharmacist? The cashier explains that the note said that I was also taking the anti-coagulant that I mentioned previously. They are quite dangerous together. I laughed.. out loud.. Yes, yes they are. But so is having 5 unresolved blood clots.

The cashier just gave me a blank stare. I looked at her and told her thank you for bringing it to my attention after THREE months. But it was fine. I didn’t need to meet with the pharmacist, I already knew how much danger I was in.

I left flabbergasted that it had taken them THREE months to figure it out. I knew before I started taking it..

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