Still sore

Do you ever have one of those weekend where you go until you can’t possibly take another step? That was me. It was another busy weekend. Since buying the house, there are endless projects to do. isn’t helping. Between the projects I’d like to do and the projects that I need to do, UGH!! And Restore.. Have you been there? Habitat for Humanity has a store.. If your into DIY and upcycling..this is the store for you.

Just in the last last weekend, I have touched up the paint in the master bedroom, did I mention that already? Since Hubz and oldest painted it while I was hanging with Youngest, in the hospital. He was getting his DHE treatment for his Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.

Then when I went to Restore on Friday to look for Glass globes for our ceiling fan, I came across a cabinet that would work for my second choice for what I wanted to do when remodeling the Laundry Closet. I paid $25 for the cabinet and a piece of board to cut a second shelf.  Not bad considering the cabinets are running close to $100 unfinished and this one came with crown moulding already on it and already painted. So this turned into this weekend’s project.

After we went to watch the New Live-action Cinderella (splurge for me) I got to work on the cabinet and the closet. I had to re-position the shelf in order to get the new cabinet in.. I had to lower the ledger boards and shelf almost a foot. Then had to Spackle and sand and get everything back in the closet. It’s a work in progress, so no critiquing. My goal was to just get the Cabinet in. It is a long way from done. The shelf will still be replaced, and moulding around the bottom. I will reposition the hanging bar, and put real shelves up the right side. But I wanted stuff off the washer and dryer. I will eventually rip out the vinyl and refinish the concrete floor too. See what I mean about the projects.. the more I do, the more I have to do… It’s never ending..

But while I worked on the closet,  Hubz powerwashed the back of the house and took the youngest and friends to the mall.

Sunday dawned a little cooler than Saturday had been so that was good. We got right to work on painting the back side of the house. Luckily after having started painting the fireplace.. we invested in a paint sprayer. So after we taped off all the windows and doors, we made quick work of it.  We were done by lunch time. Which worked out well, because my MIL had been assisting (doing the upholstery herself) me with recovering the toe biter. The toe biter, dubbed that because of the amount of toes it has broken, is the foot stool that we have had for… well, forever. When the kids were babies, I had taken the footstool apart and made it a flip top to maximize our storage as we had 4 people and a large dog living in a very small space. Now the toe biter just evolves with us. We started to have grown up furniture last year, but still have an outdated foot stool. But we can’t seem to get rid of it… So, since I was recovering a bench that I had built that is in the kitchen, I got enough fabric to cover the footstool. Viola.. Brand new footstool. After we finished painting, we had to go to my MIL to go pick it up. The living room is almost done.  I have a project that is sitting in the living room partly completed.. Which was also worked on over the weekend.. I’m making Scrabble wall art. As seen here, With our names. But, MIL kept my staple/brad gun. That project is on hold until the gun comes home. Although, I might go change the vinyl letter size. It’s a bit big right now in comparison to the tiles.

Monday, you could tell I had a busy weekend. From the up and down of covering and painting.. It was like I had done 4 hours of squats. Even today I am having troubles walking right ;/. But I got SOOOO much done.

We need to find a better way to chart youngest’s head pain. Seeing that is part of his treatment for the CVS, And it helps us  chart His episodes or upcoming episodes. Although, for us it isn’t just the headaches. But, these doctors were the ones that helped them.. so if they want us to fill out a headache chart.. we will. But I’d rather do an excel sheet on head pain, nausea and energy levels(napping), Fluid intake, salt consumption, and when he starts avoiding sugar or just some types of food. That is when you can tell. But a lot of these doctors, think they know, what they think. But they don’t live where we do. They haven’t been there done that… repeatedly. That is the life and times of a CVS’r and their families and most likely any one that deals with or experiences any kind of chronic or invisible illness.

But those are my Adventures as of late.. We will see what adventures tomorrow brings!

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