Adventure Day.. Nerd Style

Okay, I’m a HUGE.. I mean HUGE foodie. But lots of food types are not fans of me. Makes being a foodie hard. So.. Now I’m a hardcore Vegan/Vegetarian hybrid. I refer to it as Vega-tarian. It’s not meant to offend anyone. It is how I can eat. If I added all the stipulations my Doctors would like me to add, I would be a wonder-tarian.. As in, I wonder if there is anything I can eat :(.

I love going to Food trucks, and follow quite a few on facebook.  But eating from them is getting increasingly harder. SO when one showed up in the parking lot at my office building…. you can guess what happened.

Nothing.. I was a good girl. But I, as my teen calls it, I Facebook stalked them.. Which was, I looked at what they served. I would walk by the truck once a week and read the menu. The truck is just plain cool.. Cool with a Capital “C”. I know both my youngest and Hubz would probably LOVE them. But they had Flash fried Brussel sprouts.. Wha-What!?!?! Hello!!! So I knew I was gonna have some sooner or later.. first time I had seen that on a food truck. And hello— Veg Head + Brussel Sprouts = 

But in the process of Facebook stalking them, I also ended up participating in the renaming of their Followers. Which was SOO funny and Coincidental.. Let me give you the story.. They wanted to rename their followers. The Name of the Truck is:

The Culinerdy Cruzer

So, having been giving my oldest a hard time about a club that she participates in, I thought it would be funny to suggest the nickname of her club for their followers too. My oldest’s club is Nerdvana. They celebrate all things nerdy, geeky or anything that falls into that category. We refer to it as the Nerd Herd when we needle her about the group. Because we are all a bit geeky and nerdy too, it refers to the Nerd Herd group in the TV show Chuck. It is fun to tease her.

So, Culi-Nerdy.. Nerd Herd.. They were having a contest to win one of their burgers for the renaming.. And.. Nerd Herd was chosen.

Today, I stopped by the truck. For two reasons.. I realized why the Chef looked familiar.. He had been on Cutthroat Kitchen, (I’m a huge Alton Brown Fan) and wanted to chat with him about that, and the second reason..the menu said Veggie Patty Available. Not many food trucks cater to Vegetarian, much less vegans.

So.. I was already geeking out and Talking Alton Brown, then mentioned the renaming.. Which led to them being AMAZING!!! They totally made me my own burger. With a veggie patty and combined flash fried brussels and green beans for a side.. HOW COOL is that!! They were fabulous!! Great people, food was of course amazing!!

What a great adventure today!!

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