Adventures in My week.

So my adventures this week have ranged from a week of overdue schoolwork, to a night time glow run/walk.

We had a heck of time while we were inpatient getting schoolwork done. Due to a variety of conflicts. The demon migraine, the multitude of interruptions, the lack of good working connection in a new hospital, or that he was almost literally chained to the bed. Two IV lines that a couple of the nurses insisted had to be hooked up the whole time, and new circulation boots due to his inheritance of my blood clotting disorder. So both hands, and booth legs tied up.. Sounds fun right?? Now try to do school work…

So the majority of it got postponed to this week.

While I was gone out of town for my CVS’rs inpatient, Hubz and oldest painted our bedroom. In one day. They did a good job. It will require some touch ups. Which is slated for this weekend. I would rather be gardening. It is already in the mid 70’s today and forecast to be that tomorrow.

I came back from the inpatient and had a night run Saturday night… at 8PM..UGH!! But it was lots of fun.. Probably because it was messy. :/ But hard because my tendon was already strained from hoofing it everywhere all week, and I was already plain exhausted from a week of no sleep. But at some point I put these 5k’s on my bucket list.. and although I can’t run anymore.. I still like to do them.

I turned the recovering of the footstool over to my MIL. But started on the bench. Recovered the cushion, and need to peel the hideous fabric off the sides and recover it with bead board.. I can’t wait.. That project hinges on two other projects. Well, technically, two other projects are related to the bench. I only want to open the construction adhesive once. I need it for, the mirror frame in the bathroom, that is awaiting paint, and to fix a piece of baseboard in the  kitchen that won’t stay up after  we refinished it in September.. Ugh.. Iv’e been kicking that thing for Months.. Maybe I’ll resort to Gorilla glue.. Man do I LOVE that stuff!!

Most recently I used it to keep a piece of upholstery on in Hubz car. I had fixed it once before with manufactured suggested materials.. but it on stayed for about two weeks. Gorilla Glue to the rescue.. Two weeks later.. it hasn’t budged.

Slated for this weekend.. Paint touch ups, and maybe some gardening. But who knows.. if your like me it’ll change by the time I finish writing this. That’s what makes everyday and adventure!

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