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No one would know looking at him that he has a very rare, very hard to diagnose, very hard to CONTROL condition… Condition.. I like that that so much better than disease. Disease is SUCH an ugly word. Continue reading

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Sold my first cake

Today I sold my first cake. I enjoy making and decorating cakes. I usually just make them for fun. But had a friend that needed one on short notice. I decided that I’d try to help out. Cakes that I … Continue reading

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DHE or Dihydroergotamine

Here is info that I wrote up for, for their newsletter. My CVS’r has a variant case of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and agreed to be a case study for UCSF to keep other kids from going through what he had … Continue reading

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Still sore

Do you ever have one of those weekend where you go until you can’t possibly take another step? That was me. It was another busy weekend. Since buying the house, there are endless projects to do. isn’t helping. Between … Continue reading

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Adventure Day.. Nerd Style

Okay, I’m a HUGE.. I mean HUGE foodie. But lots of food types are not fans of me. Makes being a foodie hard. So.. Now I’m a hardcore Vegan/Vegetarian hybrid. I refer to it as Vega-tarian. It’s not meant to … Continue reading

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Adventures in My week.

So my adventures this week have ranged from a week of overdue schoolwork, to a night time glow run/walk. We had a heck of time while we were inpatient getting schoolwork done. Due to a variety of conflicts. The demon … Continue reading

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International Awareness Day for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

So, this is our life. We live it based on how what we do will be affected by a CVS trigger. Last month we spent a week inpatient getting what we call our best preventative. And several other days getting … Continue reading

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