Day Two, and the Demon emerges

So whether you have been following along on my medical musings or just stumbled upon this due to your interest, you probably know what I’m going to talk about. Today, for those not already along for the ride, is Day two of our inpatient Stay for our CVS’r. CVS or Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome is a migraine variant and has the same triggers as a migraine can. It can be very Migraine-esque for those of us that also suffer from them. However, CVS is unlike anything that I have ever come across. Take “your” pain scale level 10 and throw endless, uncontrollable vomiting on top of that and you have maybe an idea of what my poor teen has been dealing with. So we have been trying to control the migraines in order for him to have some semblance of normalcy. At least then, he’d be dealing with “headaches”.

Anyone who has ever had migraines, knows how uncontrollable, and unpredictable they can be. And unfortunately for my teen, he also doesn’t respond to most of the medications used on migraines.

So, today, day two of the only medication that seems to help.. He is his pain scale of 9. As his doctor likes to say his pain scale is not on the same pain scale of the “normal” person. So for him to be a 9… I’m having a hard time. There is literally nothing that they can give him for pain or the migraine it self without it interacting with the medication he is inpatient to get. So..

On one hand I have to be happy we are getting him the medication that he obviously needs. But the mom inside of me is bawling having to watch him fight to not cry. And not being able to help him or ease the pain at all.

The best we can do is hope he can sleep down the pain and NOT start vomiting. We have put ice packs on his eyes, and I am listening to soft snores.. Lets hope the Demon goes away while he rests.

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3 Responses to Day Two, and the Demon emerges

  1. rachelmeeks says:

    Poor baby. I can’t imagine watching your baby hurt like that. I’m always the one hurting, and I don’t really care about myself so much.

    • adventurant says:

      I’m the same way about myself. I don’t think I would say I don’t care about myself.. I just don’t have as healthy of a respect for getting the correct kind of care.. You always figure you will get it eventually. But I’ve seen that backfire on people. I have unfortunately learned a lot because of him. But it does teach you that you do need to fight for you too.

      I know that I got better migraine care because I found out there were other options out there based on stuff I found because of his condition. But my doctor wasn’t willing to change. Now, since changing doctors, I am virtually migraine free and may even get off the awful meds they put me on.. Unfortunately I Am learning because he’s sick. Double edged sword.
      We are trying to take what we are learning and advocate for his illness. Like you do. SO I appreciate that you stop by and comment. I found you’re blog when we were prepping for a disneyland trip. Now I’m addicted to your blog.

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