OH, here it comes…

Be ready for it… The ranting begins….

One thing I CAN NOT stand is poor customer service. Staples has jettisoned it’s self to the top of that list. They have a “rewards” card that gives you coupons. They NEVER work. I have been fighting them for more than a month now because some of them haven’t worked. They loaded more, those didn’t work. Emails back and forth.. they told me to call with my order and there would be notes to apply the coupons.. except there weren’t. Which was just a waste of more time.. then the email that I sent regarding that, the person didn’t even read… AWFUL. Just AWFUL.. Now, I got a coupon to apologize for that and went to buy something online.. it said it was applying until it processed. IT was in the shopping cart, Showed as valid. As soon as I hit submit… I charged me the full amount.. So I emailed.. No response. Two days later I logged on to chat… Keep in mind it was TWO days later, the customer service person said it was TOO late to give me a credit as it was over 48 hours. UM… NO, no its not.. So when I FINALLY got a response to my email.. that was their canned response BTW. I sent back a list of this is how you’re going to fix it… Still haven’t heard back. That was two days ago… Oh, and FYI, one of the two items I bought was broken when it reached me.

UGH!! Should’ve learned from the first month of battling with them!!

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