This morning I read this blog:

and it had my emotions going everywhere. We have had some truly awful doctors. But it is the ones that help you that we don’t say enough about.

Today, no.. for a couple months I have been missing the one that I feel saved my CVS’r life. He decided to move to UCLA instead of hanging around with us. Some times it really sucks. We wish him the best. But when things get bad.. and don’t run smoothly, you pine for what you had.

He reassured me from day one that he would always have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. And we tested that.. several times. He promised to fix us.. or at least get us under control. We volunteered to be his case study. I like to think that we helped him get to UCLA. He was the most personable doctor that you could have had. He called us on nights and weekends to check on us. He went to bat for us when we had to go up against the school to fight for an education for my CVS’r. He made sure everything ran smoothly.

After all the absolutely horrific, terrible no good shouldn’t even call themselves doctors that we had seen, we finally didn’t have to fight. Some one was fighting for us. It was wonderful. Fighting the insurance and the pharmacy wasn’t even an issue. They took care of it all.

But, like I said.. Mr wonderful has left.. I’m back to naggin’ everyone.. and fighting.. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. But finally this afternoon, all the naggin’ paid off. We got the Auth for the inpatient treatment. But only after they called trying to reschedule him.. But since I had been part of it..and had the experience from before.. I knew we should be good to go.. Next week we will be getting our “good to go” juice from the hospital.. But we look forward to seeing some of our favorite nurses!

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1 Response to Finally!!

  1. rachelmeeks says:

    I’m so glad you liked my post, and even more glad that you shared your own positive experience. The world needs more positivity. 🙂

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