Cleaning up..

Okay, so what do we need to clean up? the vascular surgeon is not concerned with the size of my veins but the arterial clot that is sitting there. SO, no surgery needed, but having another ultrasound on Both arms and focusing on the arteries instead of the venous system.

The GI results were good. No changes to anything there. There does seem to be some inflammation and irritation in the esophagus that will need to be addressed. Most likely from one of the plethora of meds I am taking.

I am frustrated over the hematologists findings. There were a ton of tests done to investigate the excessive clots, in my one arm, but since they didn’t confirm what he thought was going on.. he says I’m normal. Is it “normal” to sudden develop 5 blood clots IN ONE ARM while on a blood thinner? Developing a blood clot at all doesn’t sound normal.. much less 5. And in the only part of the body THAT HAS BEEN LOOKED AT!!!

So I’m just to recheck with the vascular surgeon after the test, the hematologist has written me off.. I’m off the hook with the GI for another 3 years baring any more issues, the endo… was a dipstick.

Now if we would just hear back on the authorization for my CVS’r for the inpatient next week.. I can stop stressing for maybe…

Nah.. that won’t happen!

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