Mid-week Catch up.

Okay, its Wednesday.. I just need to keep telling myself that. I guess I slept through Monday. Blame my GI. Apparently it takes three times the amount of knock out drugs to take me down as it does the regular person. He thought it was funny. I’m glad I finally got some sleep. 🙂

The results are still raining in from the hematologist’s tests. I mean, they did a lot. 18 vials of blood Plus.. It seems like this guy is on the right path because everything is coming back either high or low. Not necessarily reassuring considering what he suspects. He recommended that I could wait for the Vascular surgeon but could still visit with them. Does that make sense?? Definitely hold off on any surgery, but can still see what they have to say. Of course they can’t really discourage you from seeing another doctor.

However, after the farce of the endocrinologist, I hesitate. As I explained before, I have upped my Vitamin D supplement several times. This dudes suggestion was to up it even more.. to an amount that could cause me to have kidney stones.. fun huh? I was supposed to start that this week, but my poor body has been through SOOOOO much.. I think next week is okay. He’s worried about my calcium levels.. but evidently, they are a bit on the low side too.. thanks to the blood dude for the baseline. :/

Took my CVS’r in this morning for his labs. for a second attempt. Poor guy had 5 vials taken. The lab we had gone to yesterday had CANCELLED the labs. So that was a crock of crap we had to wade through first thing this morning. but we are trying to get things done ASAP for them. EKG was done and was fine.. which it should be for a teen. But I guess something we should watch.

Texted with a parent of another teen we met during our last inpatient treatment and she mentioned that the doctor we are now seeing has added Abdominal migraines to her specialty. Which I find intriguing. I know that my CVS’r volunteered to be a case study for them. And she was a consultant for the Doctor we had before he transferred hospitals, but she is pushing the envelope with preventing is episodes. Which I think has to do with them studying his response to the treatments they are giving him since he was such a hard case. So, that maybe a draw back of trying to help others.

On a non medical adventure.. FINALLY finished my Valentine wreath!!! Thank goodness. It looks really good, and made out of stuff I had laying around, so it was free. But it was time consuming. That devil, pinterest.com, provided pinspiration. Pool noodle cut and shaped into a heart and covered with red felt circles folded into triangles and affixed to the noodle. Looks pretty cool.


Now If I can just get my bathroom frame Painted. Would you believe that I have had it assembled and ready to paint and put up for more than a week? This is where that finish nailer would com in handy. As well as the base board that keeps coming off since I refinished it. But as soon as I crack open then contractors adhesive to put up the frame, you can bet that the baseboard is getting some. Should probably have the frame around my bedroom door recut and ready to go up when I do that too. I just need to be able to not be terrified of bleeding to death if I cut my self….

Ah… the life and Adventures..

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