To go or not to go, that is the question.

I suppose at this point I am stuck. But, I am on the fence about going to see the Vascular surgeon. Over the Holidays, I had a ER visit. Actually, Christmas morning. Which after several doctors appointments, and tests, they found several emboli in my left forearm and hand. With these “tests” they found that my veins are very constricted or small to the point that I may require surgery. Not thrilled with that.

See, I also have “something” going on causing the emboli. Which is under “testing” also. So I hesitate to go forward with the vascular surgeon appointment until I know more about what they find with the blood clotting issue. Typing this made me send a message to my hematologist. I guess I’ll see what he says and go from there.

My CVS’r is getting things squared away to be readmitted to the Hospital for his week-long treatment. They wanted to retest his CoQ enzymes and needed him to be fasting for that.. Which we weren’t told. So couldn’t do it today. We did get the EKG taken care of. And a new list of Labs to do.. SO that will wait until we can do the 10-12 hour fasting Lab. That way we only have one stick. However, that means I have to get him out of bed early again.. and that is not good. Disrupting the sleep cycle wreaks havoc on him.

Meanwhile, we will keep planning for the admit. Hoping that the time we scheduled happens. Each day delay worries me. But I know it will work out. Just would like confirmation of it being set, I guess.

The 504 meeting for this week was rescheduled. Which sucks, but doesn’t. I asked for it to be rescheduled for the time he was in the hospital, as then I would have time to discuss stuff, rather than squeezing it on my lunch as it was scheduled before. The second time they tried to schedule it for was right smack in the middle of the workday. So again, I hope that the admit time planned works out.

My outpatient surgery yesterday went better than I could have hoped for.. Considering how the beginning of my year has been. But today, being back to work.. is not agreeing with me.. Let’s hope nothing is wrong.

I will wait to hear back from the hematologist and decide if I want to go through with my appointment tomorrow or not.
Ah, the medical adventures!! Anyone know when my next fun “run” is?

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