Big week.

This is a BIG couple weeks for me. This will the part where I start catching you up. Today I start a round of new specialist appointments. (Like, I already don’t have enough specialists!) Christmas Morning I was doing dishes at my MIL’s house and felt like my finger exploded. Maybe not exploded, but like I had cut it on something even though I was holding a dish. My finger turned instantly purple and started to swell.


After a few minutes of discussion, and examination.. we decided that given my history, and elevated chance of blood clots due to my genetic inheritance, we would go have it looked at. Because I have an EXTREME dislike for the ER, we tried for the Doc in the Boxes.. But HELLO?!?! Christmas morning… So ER it ended up being.

They literally just LOOKED at it in the ER. Watched it for like an hour. No tests, nothing. I did all the tests and exams the following two weeks. Where they found two blood clots in my forearm, and because they CAN’T see in the hand, but can visibly see them, two more in my hand.

So, today I have the first of many appointments that are delving further into this.

Hematologist: The Blood Guy

Here is what I know. I have a genetic blood clotting disorder. I  was already on an anti-coagulant for this and as a TIA preventative. I still developed 4, yes 4 blood clots in ONE LIMB. That is the one they looked into too.. what about the rest of me?? Scary!!

They added an anti-thrombin to the mix. This SCARES me shit-less. So now, if I bleed.. there is NO stopping it. Makes you hesitate to shave your legs doesn’t it? You’re going to bleed to death in the shower and no one will know.

Plus the two clots in my hand are getting more painful. I have nicknamed them. Maddie because I watched it move around in my hand and arm. I have pictures of it worming through my vein until it lodged in my hand on it’s nomadic adventure.. Nomad.. Maddie.. That was how I came up with that name. The other is Midi. Because it is in the middle of my middle finger. The spot that exploded. The clot that was pushing so hard that it caused my vein to rupture… Cool right?? Not really.

I have also been taking my blood pressure to keep an eye on that. It was noted high at one of my Dr. Visits. And at the Higi station ( up until about a week after I started the Anti-thrombin. So I wonder if that means there is more?? Or were more?? Or my blood was sluggish. I had been tired.

Today, I am having pain in my forearm. And surprisingly, or maybe not, my chest. Sleeping has been very hard. I am probably more exhausted then I have been in my life, but don’t/ can’t sleep. When I do sleep, my arms go to sleep and the pins and needles wake me up.

So we will see what today brings.. and what this new adventure has in store for me!

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