Wow, time to Catch up.

SO.. a year later. I had the tendon surgery. Which went very well. But my foot is not responding like they would like and would like me to come in to discuss a follow up surgery. UM… No thanks. I have been walking on my foot for about 6 months(without assistive devices). I have done 3 5k’s WALKING, as I can never run again with out completely obliterating my foot. Which REALLY SUCKS!! Running had been my life for 5 years. Now I have put on 30 of the 50 pounds I lost running. Mainly because I couldn’t walk for over a year. I still have a calf muscle that is non existent. But trying to keep busy and not let it keep me from doing things.

Bought a house this year. So that has kept us busy. Painting, repainting, refinishing. is the devil. I say that in the best way. Now if I just had a FairyTool Mother that granted me the right tools for the job each time I took on a project.. That would be delightful. That was probably a good portion of why I didn’t do much posting either. I was was busy doing or planning projects.

But, now as we embark on another year, I have a new list of things to do, things to clean up and new adventures to embark on. Hope you’ll follow along as I do. I will try to catch you up on what I have done, keep you up to date on what I am doing, and hopefully get better about Blogging about it. But before I can catch you up, I need to get all my pictures together so I can show you the projects,

But in the mean time.. If you see my Fairy Tool Mother, I’m looking for a FInish Nailer and probably a wet saw..

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