I started this blog as a way to motivate my self. I would try new things and blog about it. A motivational tool of sorts. And when I was frustrated about something I would rant. Thus the beginning of Adventurant. Adventure or rant.

It did push me. I look back and see the new things I tried, and things I accomplished (10 5ks in 5 months). I ranted about being frustrated with medical mystery’s. Now as I move forward, I will continue to push to my adventure envelope. But it will contain more medical stuff. I know it will be ranty too. I apologize in advance for that. But this tendon thing is a pain in my ____________ (please fell free to be creative with the blank). I tend to be a little cranky when I am in pain, this the ranty reference. 

I am a week away from my surgery and have already started the prep. Had blood work, EKG, and multiple doctor visits to “clear” me for surgery. Now that I am cleared for surgery, the prep begins. Today I had to start giving myself shots. Actually it was supposed to be yesterday, but I chickened out. I completely procrastinated and waited for this morning when I knew I would have to rush, therefore I would just have to jam it in and keep going. ICK! But there’s my thinking. Except for.. it didn’t go in.. it stuck part way in on the inch long needle and I had to push harder. Yeah, I cringed like that too. Then the fire in my belly started. En Fuego! It burned like the burning pits of Hades! For hours… So, I am really glad that I didn’t start that last night. Not thrilled about having to do that every morning for the next month.

But that was the first of the needles, if you discount the lab work. I am thinking of starting a running tally. As everyday I have one shot. Next Tuesday, I get to go for the Botox Migraine Therapy, and that is 30 injections so that will be 31 in one day. Then for he actual surgery add the IV.. Viola, Pincushion! 

Still working on getting a Knee walker, that is an adventure all its own. Doctor says its not covered, Insurance says it is, rental place says they don’t bill insurance. No one knows! Maybe time to break down and buy one then just resell it when I’m done. At least then I could cross it off my to stress about list.. Yeah, I have one of those. I’m a compulsive list maker. I have a list of stuff to stress about. It says under it EVERYTHING! 🙂

I can say that we are still episode free for our CVSr! The treatment that he had seems to be working for him. I do worry that at the six-month mark he will be sick again, and then wonder how long it will take to stop. This is the best he has looked in 2 years. He still has up and down days. School has been a struggle. But online seems to be working for us more than anything else. They also just sent us a computer that we should be getting anytime that will read to him and transcribe his homework when he is ill. Since reading and even effort when he is ill is a big problem. I really don’t want to have to test it, but at least the reading to him aspect will be nice.

I don’t look forward to my medical adventuring, but hope that my meanderings can help some other inquisitive person. Most of what I had questions about for my surgery were things I couldn’t find out from others blogs, or on the internet in general. Or were based of questions that people asked during their own Pre-op appointments. Mine was significantly different due to my medical issues, or I would post my questions here too. But the biggest suggestion I have is ASK! Even if you drive the poor assistant crazy, you can always take her a tray of brownies. Be nice, be inquisitive, you just might help them learn something. And those brownies or muffins are always a nice way to say.. I really am a nice person, just a little crazy, paranoid, stressed, you name it, it has my name on it person 🙂

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