Additional Research on CVS

So I was reading this article, , because it was entitled hormones matter. I keep thinking that there is a link between hormones and CVS or Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. If you do enough or really very little reading, you notice that when female patients are mentioned it can coincide with the time of the curse. We had noticed that a lot of our episodes, or the beginning of them happened during growth spurts. My son happened to be in the main growing stages of teenage hood.

However, reading this article, I came across something a bit more in depth than I had seen before. I know that having Migraines my self, that could be what caused him to have CVS. What I didn’t know is that it looks as if it could be more than that. Maybe it’s not just the Migraines. Could it be everything listed? Thyroid issues have bounced around in my family, and have been mentioned in conjunction with several of my health issues. But I have not had a diagnosis. Could it all be related?

There really aren’t any doctor’s around that will go that far into mito disorders to see. I had tried to Contact Dr. Boles in LA during several of our more desperate times. I did get a couple of responses, but it was regarding COq-10, Which did not ever work for our CVSr. I would really be interested in seeing if this is all tied together.

It’s REALLY hard knowing that you caused your child to be this sick.

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3 Responses to Additional Research on CVS

  1. You didn’t cause it! Even if your genes did. You got yours from your parents too. My grandmother had a hard time when she learned that too. It was my grandfather that had the migraines, but on my mother’s side, so I got into the mitochondrial disorder box too. I read the same article that you did and I too feel that hormones play a role in my CVS. One Gyn told me that I had a hormonal change around the time CVS showed up but there was no test done to see.

  2. It does suck. And it’s one of the reasons that I question whether or not I should ever have children of my own. But you didn’t know, so don’t beat yourself up about that. It’s a very hard decision for me as well.

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