SO, an email to the Doctors office about the discoloration of my foot yielded a, “it’s probably ruptured the tendon.” I’ll get a better diagnosis when I go for my pre-op. But that is what they are guessing. Guess that would explain the increased pain… 

Since I have been dealing with this since September.. PAIN MED Free.. I am living on ice packs.. I can not make ice fast enough. 

I would like you to meet my new best friend… 

Cold therapy… if you haven’t seen or heard of these.. Google it! I bought one off eBay. I got it yesterday, and today I am bummed I left it home. I should have brought it along to work with me. I will be using this non-stop. It will save me a lot of ice, in the future. And it felt.. heavenly.. If heaven is made of ice and is applied to the agony of poker hot searing pain… Then, yes it’s HEAVEN!!

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