Posterior Distal tendon

I hope your ready to go on my next medical adventure with me. My CVS’r has been stable even through a bout of the flu. We are super excited about that. But as with every CVS’r, wonder when the next one will start. When the flu hit, and he threw up once ,we were like, “here we go”, but he pulled out of it.

So, what is SOOO important about this little tendon? The posterior distal tendon? Well, it’s big job is to support the arch of your foot. I apparently tore mine and one on the out side of my ankle. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal unless your trying to walk, stand, balance or just plain get on with your life. So back in September, as I mentioned before, I had a wee bit of a mishap, and did a large amount of damage to my ankle and foot. After all is said and done. This will most likely drag on for a couple years. Not sure How I am feeling about that.

My surgery is scheduled for next month. As I have had a zillion appointments for this already, I am ready for it to just be done. But still have, the pre-op, a recheck for my lungs to be cleared for surgery, as I had the flu and with asthma, they aren’t recovering very well. I also have to fit in a Neurology appointment that was scheduled for the same day my surgery ended up scheduled for. SO.. I feel like a juggler with everything up in the air, and nothing in my hands. It’s all up there just waiting to collapse on me.

I have already done my EKG, which was fine. Labs are completed, with only a couple minor hiccups that will need to be addressed. But nothing that will hold up the actual procedure.

Today, I picked up one of the prescriptions that we knew would be an issue with the insurance so we started early for authorization. I also, started to think about things that would drive me mad sitting there staring at in my forced time down. I have made mental lists and have tried to start doing some oft hem. But bear in mind that I am very limited as to what I can do. Although I CAN walk on my foot, with the help of a Cam Walker, I shouldn’t. The tendon will eventually snap. As the pain increases everyday, I find my self needing to take more rests. Of course, my house and family suffer for this.

Which brings me to the feeling of impending doom. Not too worried about the surgery. I have had enough surgery to know what to expect. I have also had enough surgeries to know what to expect… at home. I have to be non-weight bearing for up to 4 months.. That is not a typo… 4 months. Then physical therapy for a year. DO you know what can happen to my house in any given week? I do! And I’m TERRIFIED!!!

I have been doing my usual over preparation in the contemplation on the surgery and what it will entail.  As my surgeon hasn’t given me much, and isn’t very reassuring. Neither of which makes me very confident. So I compensate by compiling info and lists and research and over stimulating my brain with this junk which will actually just keep me from sleeping. More than I already don’t :/. But it is my stress coping mechanism.

So. I have started to make my lists of questions for the doctors, made lists of things I will need around my spaces, things for the hospital as I will be in there for at least a day. I have already purchased a cold therapy unit off eBay. This was a steal!! I have been told that they are a MUST.. But my Doc said he didn’t recommend it. I don’t care.. I can use it now.. As I have not been prescribed any pain meds for this horrific pain of my tendon constantly tearing. Its not cool. Luckily, I have a few from another laying around and use those when the pain is unbearable. And it gets there.. Even for me. I tend to think that I have a high pain tolerance.. and have had quite a few nurses and even doctors tell me so.. But there are days.. Left in the wild, I would chew my own leg off to get the pain to stop. But I digress.. The cold therapy unit, is a unit that circulates cold water through a pad for hours at a time and you can just leave it on.. like a long term ice pack, without the mess. I have been going through a lot of ice pack lately, even one that popped and got that jelly yuck everywhere.. Nasty.. SO a cold therapy unit sounds just divine.

I would REALLY like to get a knee walker.. but seems a bit out of the price range. Seems TOTALLY worth it, but by the time you rent one, you should just buy it… so.. so weird.. Especially for 4 months.. and really, I could be using it now.. I would obviously be off my foot more.

In the mean time, I found this lovely little blog, that is very entertaining, and has helped me not be so… uptight about my impending confinement. Not the same surgery, but close enough that the information is useful. And she has such a zeal for life..

Seems ironic that her blog is one I have been frequenting and now, she is having surgery on her other tendon on the same day as mine. I look forward to her updates. She is quite spunky!

Can’t say I look forward to this adventure, but you’re welcome to check in as I take this journey. I have a feeling, that it will be more Rants than adventures. I tend to be cranky when I’m in pain. My poor caregivers :/


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