Time to deflate

Even with everything that we have dealt with this year with our CVS’r, I handled it pretty well. But this week, I just might lose it. Why is it that we can challenge and fight for anything that affects our offspring, but when it comes to ourselves we get overwhelmed. 

A little back story, very early September, after running what will ultimately be my last 5k, I had a bit of a mishap and hurt myself. 3 fractures, and two torn tendons later, two walking boots and two casts have not had the desired effect of healing the damage. So, while dealing with the CVS episode, I was on and off crutches, and am currently in my second cast. I have just been told that surgery is unavoidable, either now are a year from now. But regardless of when the surgery is done, I won’t run again.

Running was my stress outlet. It took a long time to appreciate, and I loved it! Now it’s been taken away. There are not words to convey how frustrating this is. Not running since September has been hard enough, but not doing it again… EVER….

I might just have an implosion of emotions that I would otherwise use up during running. It is going to be a really long week adjusting to this.

I will take solace in the fact that we are episode free right now.

Hoping to stay that way. The online school is very challenging. Not user friendly, and stressful as it seems we can never really be caught up, and they like to call and stress my CVS’r out by reminding him of that.

Continuing on our medical adventures.

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2 Responses to Time to deflate

  1. I’m sad for you that you can’t run anymore. Are there other exercises that you will be able to do? High fives on being episode free!!!!

    • adventurant says:

      Sorry, I didn’t see this comment until I looked at the dashboard. And I have been pretty busy. I Like the beginning of the year. It is when I reorganize everything.. But We all got that nasty flu, and even now are trying to recover. Still episode free.. YEAH! Thank you!
      Me… Well, after it is all said and done… Cycling and swimming.. or upper body stuff. Have to have surgery at this point. Kinda bummed about that.

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