As we move into week five of our cyclic cycle, we have decided that its time to make some changes. With not a lot of help from the school, and not a lot of resources to get them to help us or force them to work with us, we have been forced to find an alternative to continue to with my son’s education.

I am apprehensive that it will work for us. As with everything when you get it and it looks shiny and new, but the luster wheres off and you eventually end up loathing having to dust it and it taking up space. They have said that they can work with us and seems like it will be a good fit. I will keep my fingers crossed.

It really would have been nice to have someone fight our school. Just because he doesn’t have a typical disability they don’t know how to deal with it. He meets and exceeds the criteria for needing assistance. But doesn’t fit into their predefined box. That is because his illness is very rare. SO most people don’t know about it, and even we are still learning. We will continue to learn. Don’t you think that we would stop the vomiting after the first one if we could? Come on people, I don’t know many people that LIKE to vomit and feel worn out and have so little energy that you can’t move, and when you do move it makes you vomit.. sounds just delightful doesn’t it?

SO we are going to try an online school.. wish us luck! We are going to need it as we start a new chapter in this adventure!

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