a Brief Explanation Then back to business

SO, the whole point of this blog was to inspire me to be a bit more adventurous. Wether it was trying a new coffee place or running my first 5k. Some times I tend to rant about different things.. like customer service.. so I blended the two.

The last year has been a hard one. I may update this at some point as it may prove helpful to families dealing with what we had to learn to cope with. But it also led me to push harder, become stronger and most of all go for what I never thought I could or WOULD do.

Since my last rant about some disappointing thing that was going on with my son’s medical condition, I have become more of any adventurer than I ever would have thought I could have. I started this blog hoping to some day work up to running a 5k. TO date, I have run 4, with another 5k disguised as a mud run this weekend. You see, at some point I decided to try to run as many as I could in 6 months. With the unwitting assistance of Groupon.com, livingsocial.com, zozi.com and other websites like that, I have conspired with my daughter as a running buddy to physically challenge my body before it turns old šŸ™‚

IT really is time to stop watching life pass us by and DO something. That should really be Nike’s logo.. Not “Just Do It” but DO something.. Maybe I’ll put it on my running shirts. But the more I do the more I am enjoying myself and the more I want to do. I started out wanting to do a 5k. Now I want to do an actual marathon. But I know I have a ways to go before that is a reality. In the mean time.. I am having a blast, getting fit and I’m on a new adventure!

What will you’re adventure be?




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